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How Tight Should Snowboard Boots Be (GUIDE)

Your snowboard boots, arguably, is of utmost importance as a part of your snowboard gear. It can either make your snowboarding adventure enjoyable, or totally spoil the day.You need to make sure that ​they fit correctly, and comfortably. ​But how tight should snowboard boots be? Buying the Perfect Snowboard BootsChoosing the right snowboard boots requires […]

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How To Wax A Snowboard (COMPLETE GUIDE)

Taking care of a snowboard isn’t hard, but there are things you’ll have to do in order to ensure that it’s always properly functioning. This means keeping everything clean, and constantly having the proper amount of wax on your board. Here’s a look at how you should wax your snowboard, to keep it protected for […]

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Snowboard Boots Buying Guide

A lot of people would consider winter as a time to hibernate, stay indoors, and just wait for the climate to get warmer. But for outdoorsy people, a few inches of snow can’t stop them from enjoying the season and making the most out of winter. There are a lot of fun activities to do […]

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