My name is Jack and I’m the founder of the Adventure Genesis site.

I’m not a professional, neither do I consider myself an expert; I’m just a sport and outdoors enthusiast, wanting to enjoy nature and all that it has to offer.

I’m also an adrenaline junkie, seeking the ultimate thrills in life.

This is why I’ve been involved in outdoor activities and sports since I can remember. Those moments where I’m outside, climbing mountains or descending them with my snowboard, or in a remote beach scuba diving or cruising my kayak… those are the moments I feel the most alive.

And so I decided to create this blog, to share the knowledge and information I’ve gathered by being outside doing the things I love most and by contacting friends and fellow outdoors enthusiasts that have much more expertise than me on each sport mentioned here.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can reach out to me here.

Until then, go out and enjoy life!

Talk soon,