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How Much Does a Ski Lesson Cost (TIPS)

As simple as it may sound to just slap some sticks on to your feet and start sliding down a mountain, hitting the ski slopes with no training can lead to a lot of frustration and falls, even serious injury. Yet, between the cost of travel and equipment alone, skiing is already an expensive endeavor. […]

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Can You Ski in the Rain (GUIDE)

Despite recent advances in snowmaking, skiing continues to be a sport that relies on mother nature. And Mother Nature does not always cooperate with our planned outings or week-long vacations. Nevertheless, even with a small amount of snow coverage and the right gear, skiing can be an enjoyable sport in all weather conditions. But what […]

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Best Snowboard Boot Insoles in 2019 (REVIEW GUIDE)

Fitting snowboard boots is a pain. Sometimes you’ll find a boot that in theory fits you perfectly — but you can’t ride longer than 20 minutes because they’re just too uncomfortable. This is a common problem for people with high or low arches, and an insole or footbed might be the thing that will solve […]

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Best Epoxy for Ski & Snowboard Repair in 2019 (GUIDE)

Even if we never venture far from the groomers, stray rocks and other obstacles sometimes damage our precious skis and snowboards beyond cosmetic scratches. Delamination, core shots, and other types of damage do occur and repairing them can be costly at our local shops.  However, many repairs are easy to perform at home with the […]

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Best Glue for Mounting Ski Bindings in 2019 (REVIEW GUIDE)

With some essential tools, a little patience, and an eye for detail, mounting your ski bindings is a fairly straightforward do-it-yourself project that can be quite rewarding. You will save a bit of cash, know that your bindings were correctly and securely attached, and have the satisfaction of schussing down the mountain on components you […]

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How Long Does it Take to Learn to Ski (TIPS & GUIDE)

Learning how to ski as an adult seems to be either a terrifying or terrific prospect for people looking for a new sportive challenge. If you think you need to be a hard-wired adrenaline junkie, or have completed a 16-week workout program before you can go on your first ski trip – fear not. So, […]

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Best Telemark Ski Bindings in 2019 (REVIEW GUIDE)

New binding technologies have given telemark skiers more options in how to ski down (and hike up!) the mountain than ever before. With the introduction of new telemark tech binding systems in the past couple of years, telemark skiers now have three options to consider when purchasing bindings: the traditional 75 mm bindings, the newer […]

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