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How Tight Should Ski Boots Be (GUIDE)

When you’re looking for a new pair of ski boots, or just buckling them up first thing in the morning, figuring out how tight they should be around the toes and across each of the buckles can be challenging. As a ski instructor, I’d say it’s pretty rare for skiers, even advanced skiers, to show […]

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Best Snowskate in 2019 (REVIEW GUIDE)

Snowskating has gained lots of popularity in recent years. This is a sport that hits the balance between snowboarding and skateboarding, allowing individuals a chance to utilize both skills. However, a skater is only as good as his tools permit, so we’ll be presenting you our research of the best snowskates available that will let you […]

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How To Put Bindings On A Snowboard

No matter the brand, type, or style of your bindings, or even your experience snowboarding, it’s good practice to know how to put bindings on a snowboard. And we are going to give you the knowledge with these few simple steps. Quick Navigation ​How to ​Mount / Install Snowboard Bindings​1. Know your stance​2. Know the […]

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Best Beginner Snowboard Bindings in 2019

After you select the snowboard to purchase, the next thing that you need is your bindings.The bindings are a very crucial part of your snowboarding gear because they are the point of attachment of your feet to your selected snowboard. The ​ones you choose will also affect how you ride.Not all ​products are alike, and […]

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Best Snowboard Wax Kit in 2019

The best way to make sure that your snowboard lasts for a long time is to know how to care for it properly.One of the things that you should not forget to do is wax your board. There are many products available on the market today, and finding the best ​snowboard wax kit can be […]

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Best Snowboards in 2019

Snowboarding is one of the most enjoyable winter sports. With the ​right snowboard, you will be able to fully enjoy your snowboarding holiday, even if it only lasts for several days. Although you can simply rent a snowboard every holiday, there is something comforting and fulfilling in having your own snowboard. The best snowboards are […]

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