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Best Telemark Skis in 2020 (REVIEW GUIDE)

What are the best telemark skis when it comes to backcountry and inbounds performance? For me, the Icelantic Natural 111 (or 101) is an excellent choice as a ski that tours well with its lightweight and innovative design. It floats in powder with its 111 mm-wide waist, and has a sustainably sourced featherweight balsam core […]

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Best Snowboard Boots for Flat Feet in 2020 (REVIEW GUIDE)

What are the best snowboard boots for flat feet? Like with most boot fitting problems, the easiest solution is a heat-moldable boot like the K2 Maysis, which is my personal favorite snowboard boot for low arches. Using soft plastics, the lining can be heated and molded directly onto the wearer’s foot – the boot will […]

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Best Snowboard Boots for Narrow Feet in 2020 (REVIEW GUIDE)

What are the best snowboard boots for narrow feet? If you’re looking for the best possible solution, a heat molding and adaptable boot like the ThirtyTwo Zephyr is my pick. It’s a solid, adaptable boot that can be worn in most conditions. Every snowboarder, I included, knows how unpleasant it is to find out mid-carve […]

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Best Snowboard Padded Impact Shorts in 2020 (REVIEW GUIDE)

Falling on your butt hurts. Although wrist injuries are common for beginners, your butt is, most of the time, going to be what you land on. Padded shorts are the most straightforward way of adding a layer of protection to your lower body. Worn underneath the top layers, the shorts use EVA foam to protect […]

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Best Ski and Snowboard Lock in 2020 (REVIEW GUIDE)

It’s a question everyone asks when they first go to a ski resort and see rows and rows of skis and snowboards casually leaned up against a rack and abandoned: wouldn’t it be easy to steal those? Hopefully it’s a question asked out of concern, not entrepreneurialism, but either way, the answer is the same: […]

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Best Ski Boot Insoles in 2020 (REVIEW GUIDE)

One of the least expensive and easiest ways to improve your skiing performance and comfort is by replacing the stock boot insoles with a ski-specific footbed. Your boots play an important role in delivering power and energy to the ski. Ensuring your boots fit correctly is the first step in getting the most out of […]

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