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Best Static Rope for Rappelling in 2019 (REVIEW GUIDE)

You know that age-old saying: how long is a piece of string? Choosing the best static rope for rappelling feels a little like that. A static rope is just that, a rope that is static and doesn’t stretch. They all look identical, have almost the same features and strength ratings, and do the same job. ​So […]

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Can You Use a Dynamic Rope for Rappelling

When you’re shopping for ropes, you’ll see there are mainly two kinds: static and dynamic. In general, static ropes are made for rappelling, anchors, and hauling. Dynamic ropes are made for climbing. But what if you want to use a dynamic rope for rappelling? ​Can you use a dynamic rope for rappelling? Yes. It is […]

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Best Climbing Hangboard For Beginners in 2019

​Buying a new hangboard is an exciting process, but it’s also one that takes a fair amount of research and dedication.There are a lot of hangboard makers out there, but finding the best one can take a while since you have to sort through a lot of products.Fortunately, we’re here to help you make a […]

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Best Approach Shoes in 2019

At some point during the 1990s, a few of the more innovative big outdoor brands decided to do all mountain-going posterity a favour by introducing one wonderfully versatile piece of kit – the approach shoe. No longer would climbing sections have to be negotiated in clumpy, cumbersome mountaineering boots or undertaken with a huge pack […]

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Best Bouldering Shoes in 2019

Are You Planning To Take Up Bouldering? You should invest in a good pair of climbing shoes that are sturdy enough to keep your foothold in those small pockets. Read this product review to help you choose the best bouldering shoes among the many brands available in the market today. Quick Navigation ​Reviews of the Best […]

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What To Wear When Rock Climbing

When you’re going rock climbing, it’s very important to get your clothing and gear right, since there will likely be no time to change or adjust things later. You should only carry the bare essentials if anything, so you’ll need to be properly prepared. Keep reading for information on everything you’ll need to wear when […]

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How To Increase Grip Strength For Rock Climbing

More and more people are becoming interested in keeping themselves active and fit. Most people would focus on muscle building and working on their abs and pecs. Rock climbers are a different breed, prioritizing a highly specialized area to be successful in an activity that also happens to contributes to overall health – grip. Grip strength […]

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