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How to Rappel with a Figure 8 Device (GUIDE)

Ah, the humble figure 8— so simple; a big old number 8 shaped hunk of aluminum with a big hole and a small hole. Throughout my guiding career working with multiple outdoor companies, taking groups of clients out on a day of rappelling, the figure 8 device has been our go-to for the clients to […]

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Best Crack Climbing Shoes in 2020 (REVIEW GUIDE)

Choosing a shoe for crack climbing is an entirely different game to choosing a pair of street shoes or shoes for ​sport climbing. With sport climbing shoes, you might look for how aggressive the shoe is, how downturned it is – meaning you can get the most out of the razor edge thin holds in […]

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Best Canyoneering Shoes in 2020 (REVIEW GUIDE)

Few sports are as demanding as canyoneering. Not only do you need the agility and technical expertise to climb vertical walls, but it also requires serious route finding skills, a whole lot of endurance, and the ability to read the skies to know when danger is approaching.  Canyoneering is a dangerous activity and it’s paramount […]

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How to Rappel with a GriGri Belay Device (GUIDE)

For most rock climbers, or at least the ones that I know, the GriGri is the holy grail of belay devices. It makes life just that much better! I know for me, I’ll always choose the Gri for belaying over, say, an ATC like device. While the GriGri is primarily a belay device, it can […]

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How to Rappel with an ATC (GUIDE)

When it comes to rappelling, there are multiple devices that can be used to get your feet back safely onto flat ground. By far, the most popular device for this purpose is an ATC​ from Black Diamond, and it’s been my weapon of choice for rappelling applications for my entire climbing life so far. Though it’s […]

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Best Static Rope for Rappelling in 2020 (REVIEW GUIDE)

You know that age-old saying: how long is a piece of string? Choosing the best static rope for rappelling feels a little like that. A static rope is just that, a rope that is static and doesn’t stretch. They all look identical, have almost the same features and strength ratings, and do the same job. ​So […]

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Can You Use a Dynamic Rope for Rappelling

When you’re shopping for ropes, you’ll see there are mainly two kinds: static and dynamic. In general, static ropes are made for rappelling, anchors, and hauling. Dynamic ropes are made for climbing. But what if you want to use a dynamic rope for rappelling? ​Can you use a dynamic rope for rappelling? Yes. It is […]

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