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How Should Climbing Shoes Fit (GUIDE)

Choosing a good pair of climbing shoes, for many, can be akin to choosing which instrument of torture you wish to be tormented with. With so many advocating a super-tight, toe-crunching fit, it seems the only option is to grin and bear it and plump for the lesser of so many evils. But does this […]

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How to Get Better at Bouldering (GUIDE)

Ever felt like your bouldering ability has hit a peak you can’t get past? How about been stuck in the same grade for ages and ages? Or stared down the same problem week after week without managing to conquer it? Fear not, fellow boulderer! In the guide below, we’re going to take you through a […]

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What Is Bouldering (GUIDE)

When it comes to rock climbing, there’s more than one way to do it. If you’ve ever asked the question “What is bouldering?”, here is your answer. Bouldering is one of the most popular ways of climbing, which involves using a minimal amount of gear to climb up a hill or formation, and it can […]

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How to Lead Climb (FULL GUIDE)

Lead climbing is something you may or may not be familiar with. It’s a very special way of rock climbing that involves attaching leads as someone climbs a rock face. It’s something that must be practiced to get it right, so it’s not a good fit for beginners. So, if you want to learn how […]

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Best Trad Climbing Harnesses in 2020

Scaling great heights can be very dangerous, and even if you are only a couple of feet above ground, falling while climbing can still lead to injuries. This is why a climbing harness is an essential part of your gear. Being able to select the best trad climbing harnesses for your own personal use will […]

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