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Best Bouldering Shoes 2018 (REVIEW GUIDE)

Are You Planning To Take Up Bouldering? You should invest in a good pair of climbing shoes that are sturdy enough to keep your foothold in those small pockets. Read this product review to help you choose the best bouldering shoes among the many brands available in the market today. Quick Navigation ​Reviews of the Best […]

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Best Rock Climbing Shoes 2018 (REVIEW GUIDE)

Climbing shoes are an essential part of your climbing gear. They provide you better grip than normal shoes, which will tremendously help you in your climbing adventures.  If you are new to climbing, it can be tough to find the best climbing shoes, especially if you don’t know what to look for. In this review, you […]

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Best Climbing Harnesses 2018 (REVIEW GUIDE)

Scaling great heights can be very dangerous and even if you are only a couple of feet above ground, falling while climbing can still lead to injuries. This is why a climbing harness is an essential part of your gear. Being able to select the best climbing harnesses for your own personal use will add safety […]

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