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How Much is a Jet Ski (2019 PRICES)

From Kawasakis to Sea-Doos and everything in between, there’s no shortage of jet skis out there if you’re looking for one. The best part? Whether you have a teeny-tiny budget or one that’s miles wide, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a personal watercraft within your price range. Exactly how much money will you […]

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How Much Does Jet Skiing Cost (FULL GUIDE)

You’re seriously contemplating buying a personal watercraft, specifically a jet ski (no, not the brand, the vehicle). There’s just one problem: you’re not exactly sure if jet ski ownership is too expensive for you. How much will you spend? ​To determine how much jet skiing costs, you have to factor in the following prices: ​​​The […]

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WaveRunner vs Jet Ski vs Sea-Doo: What Is the Difference (GUIDE)

You’re contemplating buying a personal watercraft, and you’ve narrowed it down to three brands. Those are WaveRunner, Jet Ski, and Sea-Doo. You’re not sure how to choose between the three of them. What are their differences? I did extensive research to bring you the answer. The differences between WaveRunner, Jet Ski, and Sea-Doo watercrafts include: […]

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Best Life Jacket for Jet Ski in 2019 (REVIEW GUIDE)

Whenever you are on a jet ski, wearing the best life jacket is vitally important. In order to make sure you’re getting a perfect life jacket for your needs, I have researched the market to show you the best products available and where to find them. Once you’ve finished reading this post, you’ll know exactly […]

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