Best Glue for Mounting Ski Bindings

Best Glue for Mounting Ski Bindings in 2024 (REVIEW GUIDE)

What is the best glue for mounting ski bindings? For traditionalists like me, a waterproof wood glue works best in lubricating the screws and sealing them properly to keep water out. Therefore, the Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue provides the best solution for mounting all types of ski bindings.

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With some essential tools, a little patience, and an eye for detail, mounting your ski bindings is a fairly straightforward do-it-yourself project that can be quite rewarding.

You will save a bit of cash, know that your bindings were correctly and securely attached, and have the satisfaction of schussing down the mountain on components you put together yourself.

However, one question that continually comes up in ski forums is what adhesive or glue works best for sealing the drilled mounting holes.

A common misconception is that the glue “holds” or “secures” the screws into the ski core. In reality, the screw will lock into the ski core regardless, but the glue acts as a sealant to keep water out.

Keeping water out of the core prevents warping or compromising the ski’s integrity. Keep reading to learn more about my top glue picks.

Reviews of the Best Glues for Mounting Ski Bindings

1. Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue

Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue

As most ski cores are made of some sort of wood, it makes sense to use an adhesive that bonds easily to this material. For many ski technicians, waterproof wood glue is all you need to seal out water from your drilled holes and screw mounts.

The Titebond III Ultimate Glue is an ANSI/HPVA Type I waterproof glue that provides strong bonding even in low temperatures. What I like about the glue is how safe it is to use and how easy it is to clean up with just water.

Unlike other adhesives, the Titebond III is non-toxic and solvent-free. It is even FDA approved for indirect food contact. Not that you will be eating off your skis any time soon, but it is nice to know that you are using something that is not harmful to you or your family.


  • ANSI/HPVA Type I waterproof
  • Non-toxic and solvent-free


  • Some ski technicians question wood glue’s reliability at very low temperatures
  • Does not add any strength

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2. Loctite Marine Epoxy

Loctite Marine Epoxy

Many ski technicians and ski mounting DIYers swear that an epoxy provides superior strength and waterproofing in all temperatures. While this is debatable, using a marine-grade epoxy ensures that the sealant does its number one job: keeping water out of the drill holes.

Loctite Marine Epoxy is a fast curing (only two hours) epoxy that is easy to apply with its two-part syringe (consisting of a resin and hardener). The epoxy is waterproof, does not crack or shrink, and is solvent resistant.


  • May provide extra “strength” to the mount
  • Fast curing (at room temperature)


  • Difficult to clean up
  • Two-part syringe works well, but the user must ensure both parts are equally distributed

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3. Original Gorilla Glue

Original Gorilla Glue

The Original Gorilla Glue has become a household name for its strength and versatility in bonding to most materials.

As a sealant for mounting screws, Gorilla Glue works well to keep water out. Since it foams upon application, this ensures that the entire area of the hole is covered and gives the technician peace of mind when tightening down the screws.

However, it does require some water to dampen the area prior to application, which is one extra step that other products do not require.


  • Forms an incredibly strong bond due to its foaming feature


  • Requires damping the area before application
  • Some question its integrity at very low temperatures

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4. Liquid Nails Fuze*It


Liquid Nails Fuze*It is a great alternative to the products mentioned above.

As a hybrid-polymer, Fuze*It bonds to nearly all materials, is waterproof, and cures by removing moisture from the material and air. This allows it to seal the mounting hole entirely and does not allow further moisture to penetrate or get in.

In addition, it is very easy and precise to apply, minimizing waste and cleanup.


  • Bonds to almost all materials
  • Removes moisture from the mount point


  • Long cure time

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How to Choose the Right Glue for Mounting Your Own Skis

As stated, mounting any type of binding (Alpine, Alpine Touring, or Telemark) is a rewarding and fun process given you have the time, patience, and tools.

Choosing the right glue need not be a huge chore in the process, and for many, it comes down to individual preference in what they are used to applying or have had success with in the past.

Any of the adhesives in this article will provide the necessary seal to keep water out of your drill holes, ensuring your screws stay locked into the core of the ski and reducing the chance of a mid-mountain pull-out.

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My Choice for the Best Glue for Mounting Ski Bindings

For years, many ski technicians have sworn by a waterproof wood glue for mounting bindings, and the Titebond III Ultimate Glue is one of the best wood glues on the market.

In comparison with other adhesives, the fact that Titebond III is non-toxic gives it a distinct advantage, as it provides all the waterproofing and sealing features of any other adhesive, but does so in a safer and environmentally friendly fashion.

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