Best Intermediate Slalom Water Skis

Best Intermediate Slalom Water Skis in 2024 (REVIEW GUIDE)

What are the best intermediate slalom water skis? O’Brien makes great water sports gear, and their Vortex Water Skis are a perfect example. They are fantastic for all types of water skiing and will help you move onto the expert level.

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Water skiing can be fun enough, but slalom can take it to the next level. Water skiing on one ski requires practice, and you need skis that will be able to help you along the way. At an intermediate level, you need skis that are versatile and dynamic.

Besides the Vortex, there are a few other great options with different designs and characteristics available. I have done extensive research to make sure you can find the best intermediate slalom water skis for your needs.

Reviews of the Best Intermediate Slalom Water Skis

1. O’Brien Vortex Combo Water Skis

O'Brien Vortex Combo Water Skis

O’Brien is an expert in making watersport gear and this is shown once again here. These Vortex water skis are brilliant and are going to be able to take you from an intermediate level until you’re ready to become an expert.

If you’re a beginner who thinks they’ll move up to intermediate quickly, these are also ideal. The bindings are very adjustable and you’ll be comfortably locked into the water ski. If there are any accidents, then your feet will be released to prevent injury.

They can fit a little small if you have large feet, but most people won’t have an issue. It’s good to double-check before you get them. The fin on these water skis is also the perfect size for intermediate users and will give you great control.

They offer great stability to be able to slalom, but some might find the cuts a little slow. Overall they are a very impressive set of water skis. You’ll be able to slalom in no time at all and have an immense amount of fun of the water.


  • High-quality fin
  • Adjustable bindings
  • Very stable
  • Great for beginners too


  • Binding sizing can be off
  • Slower cuts
  • Not for an advanced level

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2. O’Brien Celebrity Combo Water Skis

O'Brien Celebrity Combo Water Skis

O’Brien has also been able to produce these brilliant Celebrity Combo water skis. They are highly versatile and will be able to be used for a wide range of skiing styles and by different levels of ability.

They are perhaps a bit too heavy for younger kids, but for teenagers and above, they are great.

The padded rear toe plate is a great extra feature and will ensure that you stay comfortable in the bindings. The bindings themselves are of high quality and will give you all the support that you need when you are trying to slalom.

These skis are a great introduction to the world of slalom and will help you to have a great level of control on the water. The set-up is brilliant and you’ll be able to get up easily and be skiing with great confidence in no time at all.

Stability is also excellent, which you’ll need at an intermediate level. The skis are very stylish and will look great when you are out on the water. You won’t be let down, and their durability and build quality are excellent.


  • Highly adjustable bindings
  • Padded rear toe plate
  • Versatile ski
  • Superior control and stability


  • Quite heavy
  • Not ideal for juniors
  • Not for the expert level

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3. Full Throttle Traditional Combination Skis

Full Throttle Traditional Combination Skis

It’s not just O’Brien that makes excellent water skis. If you’re hoping to use your water skis for a long time, then these water skis from Full Throttle will be a great option. They will take you from beginner to expert in no time and ensure you’re slaloming in ease.

Their beveled edge is going to help you to cut through the water. The angle will be able to give you enough resistance to let you make the turns that you need too. It helps to give that perfect level of balance you’re looking for.

That ease of turn will be helped by the tapered tail they feature. They both help to give you an immense amount of control to help you perfect your moves and have fun on the water. You’ll be able to learn very quickly while having a great time in the process.

The bindings are highly adjustable and easy to use for almost all foot sizes. The dark design can sometimes be hard to spot in the water, but this is a minor issue. Overall it’s a fantastic set of water skis and you’ll be very happy with them.


  • Beveled edge design
  • Tapered tail for easier turns
  • Adjustable and comfortable bindings
  • Easy to use


  • Some delivery issues
  • Dark design
  • Cheater fins can’t be added

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4. CWB Connelly Big Daddy Slalom Water Skis

CWB Connelly Big Daddy Slalom Water Skis

If you’re a bigger guy, these are the water skis for you. They can support a huge amount of weight. That means you don’t have to miss out on some of the greatest activities that you can have when you’re out on the water.

As well as having that weight support, the water skis are also very durable. Their resin core will be able to take a lot of pressure and you could well end up using these for many years. They will be able to take a lot of punishment and give you a smooth level of performance out there on the water.

They aren’t expert level but they are great for intermediate level performers. It can be hard to find water sports gear with a high level of weight support. For those that need it, these water skis help to answer your prayers.

Due to the high weight they support, it’s not an ideal set of water skis for the family. Besides that, they are very easy to get up and you’ll be able to slalom in no time at all. The Big Daddy water skis live up to their name and give you excellent performance.


  • Highly durable core
  • Great for bigger riders
  • Very easy to get up
  • Smooth performance


  • Not for experts
  • Lower versatility
  • Bindings can break

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5. O’Brien Reactor Combo Water Skis

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If you’re a beginner who doesn’t want to have to waste their time with beginner skis, these are a great option. They are very simple to use for beginners but also have the performance you need to step up to an intermediate level when the time is right.

They are very easy to get up on and you’ll be able to start water skiing in no time at all. If you’re looking for a set of water skis that are going to be perfect for the whole family, then you won’t find better than these from O’Brien.

The edges give you turns with high control to be able to slalom. The stability is also high to help you on your way to becoming an expert. All the features combine to make an excellent set of water skis that you’ll learn a lot from.

The whole ski is very well made. An impressive level of durability is delivered with the plastic fin being a good example of that. Some users have reported delivery issues, but that is very rare. Overall these are versatile skis that will have you slaloming with confidence.


  • Durable plastic fin
  • High stability
  • Great durability
  • Easy to get up


  • Not for experts
  • Bindings can be a little loose

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How to Choose the Best Intermediate Slalom Water Skis – Buyer’s Guide

What’s your skill level

Knowing your skill level is important before getting any water ski. If you try to go for expert-level moves and gear too soon, then you might end up being very frustrated and stop skiing altogether. It’s important to walk before you can run, so to speak.

On the other side, if you are getting to be quite good at water skiing, perhaps even recording your sessions with pride, then a set of beginner skis might seems a little bit boring to you. It’s all about finding the right balance and being honest with yourself about the ability you have.

That being said, there are some fantastic versatile skis out there. If you’re just starting out, then it could be a good idea to look for a ski which is great for both beginner and intermediate level. That way, you’ll be able to continually improve while still using the same set of skis.

The water ski rocker

No water ski is completely flat. Instead, they will have a curve from the back to the tip. This tip is the rocker and the shape of it will be determined by the expertise level of the rider. A sharper or more aggressive curve is seen as preferable for expert riders.

The reason for this is because having less contact will give you more agility, but is harder to control. Beginner to intermediate skis will have a gentler rocker. This is also better for slalom, as you will have a high level of contact with the water and you’ll be able to easily control your skis.

The importance of fins

You’ll find fins on the bottom of most watersport gear. The reason for that is because it helps to keep the ski moving in the right direction. It will resist any sideward forces to ensure that you are able to stay in a straight line.

For expert skiers, they may not want that. A larger fin means less agility as you aren’t able to move it as freely over the water. For intermediate skiers, you want to be able to have a medium-sized fin that will help to keep you upright but also give you a good level of control.

Getting the right edge

When you want to make turns through the water, the edge of the water ski is going to have a huge role to play. What you want to look for is a beveled edge, as this is going to be preferable to intermediate skiers.

A bevel means an angle is cut into the side of the skis. This angle will then cut into the water when you start to turn and make it a lot easier. It allows you to have a great level of control when you want to slalom and will give you the resistance that you want.

Again, control is the enemy of expert skiers. As you get better and better, you’ll most likely want a smoother edge to have less resistance. This is only at the highest level and intermediate skiers will want to have a nice angle’s bevel.

Fitting in the bindings

Bindings are vital to not only ensure that you are comfortable when you are out on the water but also to ensure that you are safe. They will lock your feet into the water ski and also prevent your ankles from injury should you hit the water.

Due to that, you want always to make sure that you are getting the right fit. Most bindings are going to be highly adjustable so that your feet are snuggly in them. Heading out to the water with bad fitting bindings is dangerous and therefore choosing skis that match your shoe size is a vital step.

A wide body or not?

When you see expert slalom skis, a lot of them will have a narrower profile, but that gives the skier less control. For the intermediate level, both types of skis are a good idea, with wider body designs being easier to get up on with a superior level of control.

My Choice for the Best Intermediate Slalom Water Skis

Learning to slalom will take you to the next level of fun when it comes to water skiing. To get there, you want to get the perfect model. The O’Brien Vortex Water Skis will be able to take you there with the excellent level of quality and all-around ability they have.

They have the perfect qualities to make them the best intermediate slalom water skis on the market. The design features are perfect for the intermediate level. Once you get them, you’ll be able to mater the slalom before eventually becoming an expert.

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