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Best Jet Ski Helmet in 2024 (REVIEW GUIDE)

A good jet ski helmet is about more than just looks, but also about keeping you safe on the water. Should you ever crash, get hit, or end up thrown from your personal watercraft (PWC), your helmet could ward off head trauma and possibly other serious injuries, too.

What is the best jet ski helmet? The ILM Full-Face Helmet is my choice for the best jet ski helmet.

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As you begin to shop for your first jet ski helmet, you don’t want to mess around. You only want the top picks out there. Curious what my other picks are? I did extensive research to give you the answer, so keep reading.

Reviews of the Best Jet Ski Helmets

1. ILM Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

ILM Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

To start, we’ve got the ILM full-face helmet. Now, admittedly, this is a motorcycle helmet, but it works just as well for jet ski riding. It passes a variety of safety standards, including the DOT standards and the FMVSS-218 standards.

Covering your entire face, this helmet includes its own inner lining pads. If you find these constrict you too much, you can always take them out. There’s a quick-release strap and clasp for easy, speedy access to the inside of the helmet whenever you need it.

I want to talk about the design of the helmet, too, as it should impress. It has an advanced ABS exterior made for improved aerodynamics. That design minimizes drag and wind noise as well.

You also get your pick of two visors with the ILM helmet, a smoked or clear one. Included in your order too is a neck scarf. This helmet comes in several colors, among them yellow, white, silver, red, matte black, gloss black, and blue.


  • Full-face helmets like this one from ILM keep your entire face dry from the water and safe from the wind. That you can choose from two visors is a nice feature.
  • The neck scarf will also prevent your skin from getting wet during your ride.
  • It’s an inexpensive option.


  • The helmet weighs about three pounds, so it’s not the lightest pick out there.
  • Some users have mentioned the visor will flip open when doing high-speed activities. Take precautions.
  • Other reviewers said the visor can get foggy if you don’t close it all the way.  

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2. NRS Chaos Single-Cut Kayak Helmet

NRS Chaos Single-Cut Kayak Helmet

Another recommended pick is the NRS Chaos. Although designed for kayaking, you can use this single-cut helmet for almost any watersport. You could even go whitewater rafting in it, as it passes the CE EN 1385 safety standards. That means you won’t have to doubt the protection you’ll get with the Chaos.

Keep the water out of your ears with included pads. If you decide you’d rather leave your ears exposed, you can take these pads off anytime. The helmet also comes equipped with a multitude of ventilation ports, eight in all.

Adjust the fit your way with a BOA dial ratchet retention harness. Inside the helmet, you’ll find EVA foam lining, the dual-density type for your comfort. The exterior of the helmet is made of ABS plastic. You can select from a slew of colors for your NRS Chaos helmet, including white, blue, red, yellow, and black.


  • The versatility of this helmet means you can bring it on all sorts of watersport adventures, even those outside of jet skiing.
  • The detachable ear pads, ventilation ports, and foam lining make this helmet comfortable to wear for hours at a time.
  • It’s an affordable pick.


  • Few users have reported that the helmet didn’t fit like they expected, meaning not everyone prefers the fit of the NRS Chaos.
  • The plastic shell might not feel like the safest choice to some jet skiers.
  • You get no face protection with this helmet unless you provide it yourself.

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3. Pro-Tec Ace Water Helmet

Pro-Tec Ace Water Helmet

Although not a full-face helmet, you still get lots of coverage with the Pro-Tec Ace. Unlike some of my other picks, this helmet is designed exclusively for watersports. It has water channels in the ear guards that should prevent you from ending your day with soggy, clogged ears.

To get that ideal fit, Pro-Tec made the Ace with a rear fit system you can adjust. This is known as the Head Lock system. The system includes full-surround safeguarding inside the helmet.

You’ll also spot several open vents to drain water and provide ventilation. There are 15 such vents. The rear-mount strap has several functions as well, including attaching a camera, a headlight, or even a pair of goggles.

The injection-molded, high-density ABS-shelled helmet features an interior dual-density EVA liner that’s also waterproof. Pro-Tec’s Ace helmet comes in such hues as red, blue, white, and retro orange.  


  • As a watersports helmet, you can keep your head drier even without a neck scarf or extensive face protection.
  • This helmet is again rather inexpensive.
  • You get many sizes to pick from, such as extra small, small, medium, large, and even extra-large.


  • Most people say the helmet fits smaller than expected, so keep that in mind when choosing your size.
  • Some users also mention the earflaps don’t stay attached to the helmet particularly well.
  • The rivets it the helmet are made of carbon steel, which may rust out with time if they get wet.

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4. Demon United Podium Helmet

Demon United Podium Helmet

Mountain bike helmets suit some watersports enthusiasts, hence why I decided to include the Demon United Podium Helmet on this list. As a full-face helmet, you can expect plenty of facial coverage when you put on the Podium.

With certifications through the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC, this helmet holds up. Weighing a bit more than two pounds, it won’t drag your head down so you can ride freely all day. Like the other helmets on this list, you get airflow vents, up to 13 with the Podium.

The helmet liner comes out so you can wash it when it’s wet or sweaty. Also, the interior EPS foam liner bends and moves to the shape of your head so you get what’s almost like a customized fit. The Podium from Demon United is available in such colors as white, tan with black, gray with blue, glossy black with orange, full black, black with red, black with green, and silver.


  • You get a helmet bag included with your order to keep your Podium protected when not in use.
  • The Podium has a shell made of polycarbonate that keeps it from weighing too much.
  • It comes in several sizes to accommodate various head shapes.


  • It’s a little more expensive than some of the other picks. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though, as it ensures quality.
  • Some users say the helmet is smaller than advertised, so think about sizing up.

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The Types of Helmets for Jet Skiing

Now that I’ve shared my favorite personal watercraft helmets on the market, let’s discuss more the value of these helmets. This way, you can make an informed shopping decision you’re happy with.

As the products above surely show, not all PWC helmets are identical. You can select from several types depending on the level of coverage and protection you seek. Those types include:

Half helmet

As the name might suggest, a half helmet only covers half your head. It’s stylized almost like a bike helmet in that your ears are exposed, as is your chin and jaw. The helmet clasps via a clip at the bottom.

Full-face helmet

For those riders who like to take no chances, opt for a full-face helmet. This covers the entirety of your head. A clear visor over the face lets you see the water without getting wet.

Mountain bike helmet

Somewhat surprisingly for some, mountain biking helmets also work well in jet skiing. While designs vary, MTB helmets tend to offer more head coverage than half helmets, but not as much as full-face helmets do. These have a type of bill at the top of the head to keep water from splashing in your eyes, which are left exposed. The helmet also extends to the chin, covering this as well.

How to Choose a PWC Helmet

As you contemplate which jet ski helmet would suit you best, keep the following factors in mind:


Simply put, if your helmet doesn’t fit, you don’t want to buy it. One that’s too tight will make riding feel constricting. A loose helmet puts your health at risk should you get in an accident.


Your helmet should have some heft to it, but it should not make your head feel too heavy. If you get a neckache from wearing your helmet for a few hours, look for a lighter-weight one instead.


You need a full range of head motion when riding your jet ski. If your helmet obstructs that, then keep looking.


Roll those three above factors into one as you consider how comfortably your helmet fits. As an avid jet skier, you’ll wear your helmet all the time. It’s important you’re pleased with how it fits, then.


Whether you choose a half helmet or a full-face version, it must offer superior protection either way. A cheap helmet made of equally inexpensive materials might not hold up when you need it most.


Speaking of cheapness, the price also matters quite a bit. It’s better to spend the money now and get a dependable helmet than risk your health when you ride.

My Choice for the Best Helmet for Jet Ski

When engaging in an activity like jet skiing, your safety is paramount. One piece of gear you can’t skip? Your helmet.

While I provided many great options in this article, I’d have to say my choice for the best jet ski helmet is the ILM’s full-face helmet.

The protection you receive with this helmet, as well as the neck scarf, will keep the winds and waters away as you ride.

While the Demon United’s Podium is another good helmet if you want coverage, it doesn’t go over your entire face.

The fit, sizing, and maneuverability make the ILM a winner through and through. Why not try it for yourself the next time you go jet ski riding?

Top Rated Jet Ski Helmets

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