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Best Kneeboard for Beginners in 2024 (REVIEW GUIDE)

What is the best kneeboard for beginners? For me, it’s hard to look past the Leader Accessories Kneeboard.

It has all the attributes needed for a beginner board but it is also able to give you those features with a fantastic level of quality.

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Kneeboarding is an exhilarating experience. If you’re just starting out, then getting the best kneeboard for beginners is essential to enjoy your time out on the water. There are a few key features that make a great beginner board and some kneeboards are a lot better than others.

In this article, I’ll dive into the characteristics that make a kneeboard great, and carefully review the top five kneeboards available today.

​Reviews of the ​Best ​Kneeboards for Beginners

1. ​Leader Accessories Kneeboard

Leader Accessories Kneeboard

Leader Accessories is known for making high-quality watersports equipment and this is an exceptional product from them. It has all the features that you need for brilliant water performance while still being easy enough for beginners to use.

Beginners especially need to have a durable board and it’s an area where this kneeboard is able to shine. It has 3/4” EVA foam which not only gives it that durability, but also ensures that the rider has a high level of comfort while out on the water.

One of the most important features on a beginner’s board is a hook. This allows for an easy take-off and the padded adjustable strap that it has is going to be able to give you a great level of stability. The fact that it’s padded also increases the board’s comfort.

Despite all those attributes that make it a great beginner board, it also has a good level of performance too. The beveled edges allow you to take fast curs and the board will also sit low in the water. Added to that, there are also a few great designs available, allowing you to choose something that fits your style.


  • Great durability
  • Integrated hook
  • Padded strap for comfort
  • Beveled edge for fast cuts


  • Bulky strap
  • Strap can’t be removed
  • Heavier materials

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​2. O’Brien Voodoo Kneeboard

O’Brien Voodoo Kneeboard

When it comes to water sports, there aren’t many better names than O’Brien. They have also entered into the world of kneeboarding with this ​​Voodoo Kneeboard. It is brilliant for beginners, with even kids being highly comfortable on this model.

It also has a 3/4” pad to make it as easy as possible on your knees. You will be able to ride for a long time without being sore. The pad also has a great level of durability and this is a board that will be with you for years as you gain expertise.

As mentioned, hooks are vital to have an easy time while you are out on the water. As you progress through the levels and get more comfortable, you will be able to transfer to just holding a rope, but this hook is going to keep you solid and stable.

The variable beveled edge that it has is going to allow you to cut through the water and start to get more adventurous as you get more comfortable. It is only available in one color, but overall this is a very impressive kneeboard.


  • Solid hook
  • High level of comfort
  • Variable beveled edges
  • Comfortable strap


  • Lack of color options
  • The hook can pinch fingers
  • Not ideal for advanced users

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​3. ​ZUP You Got This 2.0 Board Handle Combo

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ZUP has been able to produce a board that will give you an incredible time out on the water. Not only can it be used as a kneeboard, it can also be used as a wakeboard too, among other uses. It makes it a dynamic board and one you’ll get a lot of use out of.

One of the standout features of the You Got This Board is that it has built-in handle hooks that make starting out very easy. Once you get moving, then you have the opportunity to use the handle or simply keep it hooked to the board for a greater level of stability.

The way it is set-up, it makes it as easy as possible to get going. This is not just for using it as a kneeboard but all its other applications too. That all comes with a very high level of comfort due to the EVA padding that it has.

It’s ideal for all ages, as kids will love playing with it. If you’re simply looking for a kneeboard only, then this isn’t the product for you. For those looking to maximize their fun, this board is going to give you a lot of memorable times out on the water.


  • Versatile board
  • Great for novices
  • Bright design
  • In-built handles


  • No straps
  • Heavy in weight
  • Large size

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​4. ​SereneLife Water Sport Kneeboard

SereneLife Water Sport Kneeboard

In terms of quality, SereneLife has been able to produce ​​an exceptional kneeboard. It has a level of performance that expert boarders would love while still being easy enough for beginners to get a huge amount of fun out of it.

Due to the extra amount of durability that they have, beginner boards can often be quite heavy. This board, though, is very light, and it will allow you to take it comfortably to the water without being out of breath by the time you get there.

The adjustable strap that it has is going to be able to give you an additional level of security. It will comfortably hold you in place and give you good stability. It’s an ideal board for both older children and adults too.

Despite the low weight that it has, the board also has a great level of durability and will be able to take a lot of punishment it the water. It’s a board that will last for a long time, and a great choice for people of all ages and skill levels to enjoy a wonderful day of kneeboarding.


  • Lightweight
  • High durability
  • Water and corrosion resistant
  • Great versatility


  • Only one color option
  • Hard to see in the water
  • Decals peel off easily

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​5. ​Driftsun Crush Kneeboard

Driftsun Crush Kneeboard

The bright design of this ​​Driftsun Crush Kneeboard is going to make it clearly stand out in the water. One of the best qualities of this board is the high amount of comfort it has. It has a molded EVA top pad with deep knee wells to ensure that you have hours of fun.

The board features a rotomolded shell, which is an extremely durable way to construct plastic for a great level of durability. That is added to by the fact that is has reinforced strap brackets, meaning your board is going to be able to take some serious punishment while you’re out there on the water.

As with all good beginner models, this board has a tow hook that gives you an easy start. This is also a great board, however, for those looking to get better and improve their skills. It is an easy board on which you can perform advanced tricks and landings with a great level of control.

The knee strap is padded for additional comfort and overall this is an exceptional kneeboard for all skills. It has those basic features that you need for a beginner but the ability to perform on an expert level for when you progress.


  • Versatile performance
  • Rotomolded shell
  • Great comfort
  • Padded knee strap


  • One design option
  • Not ideal for wider knees
  • Fixed fins

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How to Choose a Kneeboard for Beginners – Buyer’s Guide

Differences between kneeboards for beginners and advanced users


The distinction between a beginner kneeboard and a performance one is usually quite clear. Performance boards are generally made out of fiberglass, which is a lighter material, but also one that is more expensive.

As it’s more expensive, this is usually just left for those looking for performance, as you only get a very few beginner kneeboards that are made from fiberglass. The plastic used in beginner models, however, still has a very high degree of quality.

This also tends to make the beginner options thicker and heavier than their counterparts. This can sometimes be an issue when storing and carrying, them but once you’re in the water, you’re not going to notice the extra weight.

Comfort level

What beginner kneeboards do have, though, is a great level of comfort. The thick EVA that they offer is very good for protecting the knees. Companies can afford to add a little extra padding on there as they know people aren’t craving for a high level of performance.

Removable and permanent attached fins

Perhaps the biggest difference is what is underneath the kneeboard. The fins can make a huge impact in the way that a board is able to cut through the water. Large fins will help to prevent the twisting and turning of a board, as the fins will always want to go in the direction of travel.

With beginner boards, they often have permanent fin attached, as this will help to keep the board straight in the water. For those looking for a high level of performance, this can end up having a negative effect.

That’s because it makes performing tricks and other maneuverers more difficult. If you want to eventually advance to a more expert board, then you’ll either have to upgrade or find a kneeboard that has removable fins.

Choosing the right design

There are two big design options that you see on these kneeboards and they are the straps and the hook. Both are important for various reasons, and here we will look at when you should, and shouldn’t have them.


The hook is an important part of beginner boards. This means that instead of trying to balance themselves on a handle, kneeboarders can simply just focus on their balance as they get going. They will then have the opportunity to use the handle if needs be.

When it comes to beginner boards, this really is a key feature. Without it, any beginner is going to seriously struggle. It can be assimilated to having stabilizers on a bicycle: at the start, you need them to prevent yourself from falling off.


The straps are also going to be an important feature, but these do come with a word of warning. Generally, they are not advised for children, as they might not have the reaction needed to loosen the straps if they fall into the water. In this case, you’d want a board with removable straps.

For adults, however, they can be an essential tool to keep you upright and stable. If you are using straps, then you will want to make sure it’s padded. That will give you a great level of comfort and will allow you to enjoy kneeboarding for hours on end.

The best materials

One of the biggest differences that you can find between beginner and expert boards is the material they are made out of. The most expensive boards on the market are going to be made out of fiberglass, as this has the best range of qualities.

The reason for that is that fiberglass has the remarkable qualities of being both lightweight and highly durable. There is little point in using this material for beginner boards, as novices won’t be looking for the premium in performance.

Beginner boards will instead be made out of a variety of different plastics. These might be slightly heavier but they still have an excellent level of durability. The performance is still good and these are boards that could well last for many years.

Using a hook

Having a hook on a kneeboard is important for beginners. This is a fairly simple piece of design that allows you to wedge in the handle below the hook to keep it firmly in place. Even on more advanced boards, this is going to be a useful feature.

Without the hook, you’re going to struggle to get going. If you really think that you’re going to struggle with this, then you also might want to look for a kneeboard that has handles. This will give you something extra to grab on to.

Without a hook, beginners might quickly lose heart and decide that kneeboarding isn’t for them. As with any type of new sport, jumping into the deep end probably isn’t going to end up well. A hook will allow you to steadily get into the activity.

What to check for before buying a kneeboard

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How big are the grooves

Everyone has a different body shape, and for some, they are going to have wider knees than others. If you are particularly wide build then you want to make sure that you have the knee grooves that are going to be able to cope. This will ensure a safe and comfortable ride on the water.

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The weight of the board will be important for some. If you have to travel a long distance from your car to the water, then weight becomes more of an issue. While most boards are going to be relatively comfortable to carry, this is something that you might want to check.

Beveled edge

If your board has a beveled edge, then it means that it’s going to be able to cut through the water with an improved level of speed. For those looking to quickly advance from being a beginner to an expert, this is a great feature.

Kneeboard care and maintenance

Out of the sun

We all know the damage that the sun can do to the skin, but it can also cause damage to many other items. If you leave your board out in the sun, then there’s a good chance that the color is going to fade and it could also crack.

Store in your bag

Your kneeboard should come with a bag. If it doesn’t, then you should be looking to get one. This not only gives you a safe space in which to store your board, it also prevents it from knocks that can affect the performance.

Rinse your board

There are many things in the water that can affect a product. Two of the biggest culprits are sand and salt. Both of them can have a damaging impact over time and you want to ensure that you are rising your board in order to make it last for as long as possible.

​My Choice for the Best ​Kneeboard for Beginners

In terms of the best kneeboard for beginners, for me, it is the ​Leader Accessories Kneeboard. It’s a highly rated board that is perfect for both beginners and even more advanced boarders. It has an exceptional all-around quality which is going to give you an immeasurable amount of fun.

All the products that we have looked at here are brilliant but the Leader Accessories board has the best overall quality. It is able to give you a great level of control while also giving a good level of performance. It is also made from great materials and you know it’s a board that is going to last.

Top Rated ​​Kneeboards

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