Best Snowmobile Suspension Grease

Best Snowmobile Suspension Grease in 2023 (REVIEW GUIDE)

What is the best snowmobile suspension grease? My favorite is the BRP Ski-Doo XPS Suspension Grease. It is a sturdy synthetic grease that will protect your sled from all the elements.

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Being a snowmobile owner, I know the importance of maintaining the inter-workings of the machine. Choosing the right grease can make a world of difference.

Greasing your sled’s suspension helps to give it the longevity to keep it riding smoothly for many seasons. A sled should be greased multiple times over the course of the season.

Failing to grease your sled’s suspension can lead to disastrous mechanical failures. There is a lot of information out there trying to convince snowmobile owners that any old grease will do. This is simply not the case.

Snowmobiles operate in conditions that other outdoor vehicles simply do not see. Below you will find some tips to help you navigate what kind of grease will expand the life of your snowmobile’s suspension.

Reviews of the Best Snowmobile Suspension Greases

1. BRP Ski-Doo XPS Suspension Grease

BRP Ski-Doo XPS Suspension Grease

The BRP Ski-Doo XPS Suspension Grease is a high-functioning grease that operates well in both high and low temperatures.

It comes in two 14-oz tubes. I usually prefer grease that comes in smaller tubes for cleanliness, but that is just my personal preference. It is a little pricier, but it’s a lot cheaper than a wrecked suspension. It does not move when operating at high RPMs, and I find that I only need to apply it twice a season.

One of the best characteristics of this grease is its water resistance. Pretty much any of the elements you can throw at your suspension, this grease will protect you from! It was designed for Ski-Doo sleds, but I have put this grease on all kinds of snowmobile brands.


  • Protects against dirt
  • Protects against washout from water
  • Retains adhesion when operating at high RPMs


  • Pricey
  • 14-oz tubes may be a little bulky for some preferences

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2. Polaris OEM 4-Pack of 3 oz All Season Grease

Polaris OEM 4-Pack of 3 oz All Season Grease

The Polaris OEM All Season Grease is another great option for snowmobile grease. It also functions well in low and high temperatures, and is made to be compatible for summertime machines such as razors and ATVs as well as snowmobiles.

This might be a great choice for you if you have a wide range of summer and winter machines and don’t like to buy a range of different oils for different machines.

In the tests that I have seen, this grease doesn’t have as much shear stability as the Ski-Doo grease. There is a little splatter when operating at high RPMs, so I would recommend greasing the suspension three or four times a season.

This grease comes in 3-ounce tubes, which is nice to be able to throw away after an application. When tested, more dirt was found mixed in with this grease than its Ski-Doo counterpart, but it kept water separated very well.


  • Can be used on summer machines
  • Small tubes make application easy


  • Less shear stability
  • Attracted more debris
  • More application times per season

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How to Choose the Best Snowmobile Suspension Grease – Buyer’s Guide

Snowmobiles are expensive pieces of machinery! It is of the utmost importance to grease your sled’s suspension at least twice a season. If the grease is of poor quality, it will clump in the cold and fail to protect the suspension.

Below are some characteristics to help you choose the type of suspension grease that will be best for your sled.

Shear stability

When grease is forced through mechanisms, it is important that it remains intact and does not splatter away from the force. Cheaper greases will not be able to protect the suspension when operating at high RMPs.

Low-temperature functionality

Snowmobiles operate in very cold conditions. If your suspension grease is not made for low temperatures, it will become clumpy and fail to protect your snowmobile.

Washout protection

Some days out on the slopes are warmer than others. In the springtime, a large amount of water may be present. A good suspension grease should be able to function with any amount of water.

Debris protection

Even though most of the time you will be riding on snow, everybody encounters dirt and dust from time to time. Whether in the parking lot or on a melting trail, it is important that your suspension grease prevents dirt from sticking to it and building up inside your suspension.

My Choice for the Best Snowmobile Suspension Grease

While some riders gamble with cheaper greases, my top pick for the best snowmobile suspension grease is the BRP Ski-Doo XPS. The peace of mind that comes with only having to service your suspension twice a season is priceless.

However, if you have a wide range of motorized outdoor vehicles, the Polaris OEM All Season Grease might be a better pick for you. Whatever you choose, just make sure to keep those suspensions lubricated to prevent damage to your sled!

Top Rated Snowmobile Suspension Greases

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