What to Wear When Rock Climbing (LIST)

When you’re going rock climbing, it’s very important to get your clothing and gear right, since there will likely be no time to change or adjust things later.

You should only carry the bare essentials if anything, so you’ll need to be properly prepared.

Keep reading for information on everything you’ll need to wear when you’re going climbing, so you can be comfortable and as safe as possible.

What to Wear When Rock Climbing


The most important clothing item when it comes to climbing is shoes. You’ll need to find something that fits you just right and doesn’t limit your range of motion.

It’s a good idea to try many different types of shoes, so you can determine what you like the best. There is everything from rock climbing boots to zero-drop shoes and shoes for canyoneering for you to check out and see how you feel about them.

The one essential part you’ll need on a shoe is a rigid sole. This is so you can get a good hold when you’re climbing, and it also means your shoes won’t wear out easily.


The socks you should wear are dependent on the shoes you choose, but as a whole, they shouldn’t limit your toes in any way, and they shouldn’t be too tight.

This is another item you may want to try in synthetic materials since they have more give and can keep your feet more comfortable.


Whether you are a man or a woman, you’ll need a comfortable shirt. This means you’ll require something that’s loose-fitting and won’t bother you while you’re outside.

Many people opt for tops that are made of synthetic materials since they are able to keep you cool and won’t let moisture build up and make you sweaty.

You can wear something sleeveless or something with sleeves, whatever you are most comfortable in. The style of the shirt is not really a big deal, as long as it doesn’t interfere with any of the rest of your gear.

If the weather is cooler or cold, you’ll need a shirt with long sleeves or you will need to have a lightweight jacket on over your shirt.

Shorts or pants

When it comes to your bottom half, you can choose whether you want to wear pants or shorts. If you wear shorts, again, you’ll need to make sure that they are comfortable and will move with you. If they are too baggy or too tight, you may encounter problems.

On the flip side, you can wear pants at any time of the year, whether it’s hot or cold, in order to protect your legs from scratches and debris.

It really depends on what you feel at ease with and how experienced you are as a climber. You should also consider getting synthetic fabric bottoms, to keep you from getting too hot and to keep up a great amount of airflow.

If you choose to wear pants, make sure that they aren’t too long. You don’t want them to trip you up, and you’ll need them to fit well over your shoes. If they don’t, you may have to tuck them into your shoes.


Some people opt for helmets when they’re climbing, and t​hat is a good idea. Make sure you get something that will protect you if you fall, so you don’t damage your head or get a concussion.

Other gear

You should get all the additional gear you need for climbing ​from a place you know you can trust.

These are not the things to be frugal about since they are designed to save your life. You’ll need equipment like a harness, ropes, carabiners, quickdraws, and maybe some gloves.

​Be sure that you are also protected from the sun, especially if you are wearing a sleeveless shirt and shorts. You don’t want to get sunburned while you’re out having fun.


Make sure you at least get the basics for climbing. You can always buy more things later if you start going out more often, but there are items that you will definitely need each time. ​Look around for a good deal, but also make sure you invest enough money to know that you can trust your equipment with your life.

​Keep in mind that you may need your shoes to help you fit into footholds and carry your weight while you’re climbing, so they are pretty important.  You’ll also need to be sure they have all the features that you want.

If you are climbing with a bag of supplies on you, be sure that your pack doesn’t weigh a lot; this could throw you off balance and could cause you to easily fall. The same goes for your clothes. Be sure everything you have on is lightweight so it won’t be weighing you down and making it harder to do what you’re trying to do.

Almost all these things are still needed if you are only climbing indoors. You likely won’t need your own harness and safety equipment, but you’ll still need clothes and shoes that will help you complete your task.


When it comes to wearing the right clothes for climbing, you can’t go wrong with a comfortable shirt, lightweight shorts, and sturdy-soled shoes. You’ll also need a few more items, but the key is that you have to be certain that nothing is weighing you down or limiting your range of motion.​

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