Best GoPro Mount for a Jet Ski

Best GoPro Mount for a Jet Ski in 2024 (REVIEW GUIDE)

What is the best GoPro mount for a jet ski? I recommend the GoPro official handlebar/seatpost/pole mount as the best GoPro mount for jet skis.

You can adjust the camera mount positioning while you’re on the move so you can capture those awesome memories as they come. The design of the mount also keeps camera shaking and vibrations to a minimum.

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If you’re looking for a GoPro mount for your jet ski, it’s probably because you want to share footage of your best moments on the water with family and friends. Maybe you’d even start a YouTube channel.

In this article, I’ll elaborate more on my top pick, as well as some reasons for using a jet ski GoPro mount. By the time you’re done reading, you should have a clear idea of which GoPro mount you want most.

Reviews of the Best GoPro Mounts for a Jet Ski

1. GoPro Handlebar/Seatpost/Pole Official Mount

GoPro Handlebar/Seatpost/Pole Official Mount

My first pick is also the one I recommend most. It’s the GoPro handlebar/seatpost/pole mount.

Ideal for jet skiers, bikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts, this official GoPro mount includes its own mounting buckle. This gives you the freedom to adjust the mount even between rides so you can capture the best perspective.

The construction of this GoPro mount is designed to make it durable. The mount also lessens both camera shaking and vibrations, so your footage looks as smooth and seamless as a pro videographer’s one.

You’ll quite like the base of this GoPro mount for jet skis, as you can move it all 360 degrees to find the right angle. Once you do, you can choose from one of 16 locking positions, so your camera stays where you want it.

The mount fits a tube that’s 1.4 inches or up to 35 millimeters in diameter. It takes only seconds to attach it and get riding.


  • This is an official GoPro accessory, so it will work best with your GoPro camera, especially when compared to off-brand products
  • The mount is designed without any loose parts – this way, you don’t lose any important components or drop them in the water.
  • GoPro made its mount tough, so it’s less likely to break or slip when you need it most.


  • Some reports of the mount not being suitable for bumpy rides

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2. SANDMARC Navy Mount


The next pick you might consider for your jet ski is the SANDMARC navy mount.

Compatible with the GoPro HERO 2 through 8, you can also use this mount with the Osmo Action camera from DJI. It comes with an aluminum thumbscrew just for GoPro attachments, as well as a wrench tool and diameter adjustment screws for installation.

Made of CNC-grade aluminum, the mount is durable, although definitely don’t take it to saltwater unless you want it to rust. You can attach it to bike handles, ski poles, and handlebars of vehicles like jet skis. Just make sure your handles are between 15 and 35 millimeters for compatibility.


  • You get all the tools you need for installation included with your order, which is quite handy
  • You can use SANDMARC’s mount for all sorts of GoPro models, including the HERO 2, 3, 3+, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8
  • Users have complimented the mount on its durability


  • Again, you cannot get it wet or it will rust
  • Some users have stated the mount isn’t very flexible and is thus hard to work with

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3. GoPro Roll Bar Mount

GoPro Roll Bar Mount

Another official product you might try is the GoPro roll bar mount. This highly-rated pick works for boats, jet skis, roll cages, ATVs, and any other vehicles with bars.

You can get unique angles with this mount, such as those of people behind you, as well as your own rides. Should you bring some friends jet skiing, then you won’t want to forget this GoPro mount at home.

The pivoting arms open you up to more adjustability, now giving you three options for setting your angle just so. The point-of-view perspective shots you can capture will certainly impress.

This roll bar mount works with bars that are between 1.4 and 2.5 inches or 3.5 to 6.5 centimeters in diameter.


  • This is yet another official GoPro product that should suit your GoPro camera best
  • It comes with just three parts, thus not making installation too complicated
  • This mount is made of stainless steel and polycarbonate for durability


  • Some users have reported it won’t fit certain bars, so read the measurements carefully before buying

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4. USA Gear Handlebar Action Camera Mount

USA Gear Handlebar Action Camera Mount

My last pick for your GoPro jet ski mount is USA Gear’s handlebar action camera mount. This comes with a tripod screw that’s ¼ inches and your own action mount adapter. USA Gear also backs up this product with a manufacturer’s warranty that’s good for three years.

If your handlebar or other bar is at least 1.5 inches in diameter, then you can use this camera mount. It’s designed for boats, jet skis, BMX and bikes, motocross vehicles, ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and more.

The handlebar action camera mount includes a ball joint head. This can move all 360 degrees so you can position your GoPro perfectly. USA Gear says it’s even possible to customize the perspectives and angles of your footage as you go.

This mount works with GoPro Hero 5 through Hero 7 models only.


  • With a curved design in the interior, USA Gear’s handlebar action camera mount slips right onto the bars of your jet ski
  • Included rubber grips keep the mount secure, even if you do sudden twists and turns on your personal watercraft
  • You can even use a traditional point and click camera with the tripod screw head


  • If you have an older model of the GoPro than the Hero 5, you’ll have to pass on this mount
  • Some users have noted the mount falling apart relatively easily

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How to Choose the Best GoPro Mount for Your PWC – Buyer’s Guide

The above product recommendations have got you ready to buy a GoPro mount for your personal watercraft. You’re just not sure how to choose.

Here are some pointers for picking the right GoPro mount for you:

Size compatibility

Go by the size compatibility of the mount. If you look at the reviews for the above products, some people rate them low because they say the mount doesn’t fit on their bike, jet ski, boat, or other vehicles. That’s a user’s mistake, not a problem with the mount. Make sure you get a mount that fits your jet ski’s handlebars or other parts.


Think of what you want to use the GoPro mount for. Do you just need straight-ahead shots of you riding your jet ski? Then a simple mount works best.

If you want dynamic angles and varying shots, then you’ll want a mount that can both swivel and lock at different angles. That’s just one more reason why I like the official GoPro handlebar/seatpost/pole mount. It has 16 locking positions.


Consider how much work you’ll have to do for installation. The official GoPro handlebar/seatpost/pole mount takes seconds to set up, but that’s not the case with all these mounts.

If you do have to do a lot of assemblies or go through a complicated installation process, then you might feel disinclined to use the GoPro mount in the first place.


You also have to account for how easily removable the mount is. Should you decide to take the mount off your jet ski for any reason, how much trouble will you have doing so?

If you struggled to get the mount on in the first place, then expect just as much difficulty detaching the thing. 


What Are the Benefits and Advantages of a GoPro Mount for Jet Skis

If you’re still not entirely convinced that you need a GoPro mount for your PWC, then I think this section will change your mind. Here are some advantages and benefits of having such a camera mount:

  • You can finally capture your priceless times on the water. Without a GoPro, you would have had to hire a videographer to stand on a dock and film you. That’s expensive for one, and limiting as well. The videographer can’t follow everything you do. Your other alternative would have been to use your phone, but that means driving one-handed, and that’s dangerous. Plus, you risk dropping your phone in the water and losing it forever.
  • You can get a variety of angles and shots, adding dynamism and interest to your videos. The footage also looks more professional.
  • You can use the footage for a myriad of things. Like I mentioned in the intro, perhaps you decide to start a YouTube channel. You could even do an instructional series on how to ride a jet ski and do tricks and techniques. You have endless possibilities.

My Choice for the Best GoPro Mount for Jet Skiing

If you’re interested in the best GoPro mount for a jet ski, I suggest you look no further than the GoPro handlebar/seatpost/pole mount. This official GoPro product has everything you could want in a mount. For instance, it reduces camera shaking and vibration with its sturdy design. It can also move all 360 degrees and lock 16 different ways for your best footage yet.

The freedom to film yourself on your GoPro will revolutionize your riding. Not only can you show off your cool stunts to your friends, but you can even film instructional lessons that can help other burgeoning jet skiers learn the ropes.

Top Rated GoPro Mounts

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