Best Jet Ski Bluetooth Speakers

Best Jet Ski Bluetooth Speakers in 2024 (REVIEW GUIDE)

What are the best jet ski Bluetooth speakers? I recommend the Braven BRV-X as the best jet ski Bluetooth speakers. These phenomenal speakers produce sound in amazing quality, have an IPX7 waterproof rating, and a portable power bank, too.  

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You’ve made a killer playlist of all your favorite tunes that you wish you could bring with you when you went jet skiing. You can’t risk your phone or any other electronic devices getting waterlogged, though. What about Bluetooth speakers? Would they work for your jet ski, and if so, which ones?

In this article, not only I will elaborate more on the Braven BRV-X portable wireless Bluetooth speakers, but I’ll also talk about some other jet ski Bluetooth speakers for blasting those epic sounds. Keep reading music lovers, as this article is for you.

Reviews of the Best Jet Ski Bluetooth Speakers

1. Braven BRV-X Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

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Of course, I had to begin with my most highly recommended pick for the best jet ski Bluetooth speakers. I’m talking about the Braven BRV-X portable wireless Bluetooth speakers.

These rugged speakers come in either gray or white. With an IPX7 waterproofing rating, they can handle some splashing around as you ride your jet ski. Even in rainy conditions, they hold up just fine. Even better, the BRV-X speakers can withstand snow, sleet, and heavier rainstorms.

The exterior of these speakers is made of a durable combo of high-impact plastic and rubber molding. That makes them essentially shockproof. If you’re the type of jet ski rider who gets a little hard on the throttle, you won’t have to worry about these babies.

Their portable power bank, built right into the speakers, is rated at 5,200 mAh to keep your speakers running longer. Included as well is a microphone with noise-canceling properties. You can trust in this anytime you want to make phone calls from your speakers without using your hands.


  • The portable power bank can also be used to charge any device that runs on USB, such as MP3 players and smartphones
  • The portable power bank has an included lithium ion battery you can recharge within a few hours
  • The speakers boast 12 hours of consecutive playtime.


  • Some have said the Bluetooth range, which should be up to 20 feet, is somewhat less than that
  • Others said it can stop working after a lot of usage, but Braven does offer a warranty

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2. Altec Lansing H2O 3 Bluetooth Speaker

Altec Lansing H2O 3 Bluetooth Speaker

Next, we’ve got the Altec Lansing speaker. Calling itself the “perfect musical companion,” this speaker measures seven inches by three inches by 2.7 inches.

It runs on a single lithium ion battery, of which one already comes with the speaker when you buy it. The battery should last 10 hours before you have to charge it again.

As a wireless speaker, you can pair another two sets of speakers to this one if they’re within range. The H2O 3 has a pretty great range, too, up to 100 feet. That ought to give you plenty of receptivity when using Bluetooth to blast those hot songs that get you in the mood to do some stunts on your jet ski.

Oh, and did I mention the speakers include their own built-in microphone? This promotes hands-free communications, which are useful when both your hands are tightly gripping your jet ski’s handlebars (at least, they should be!).

With an IP67 waterproof rating, these speakers are not only waterproof, but snowproof and shockproof, too. They can handle some wear and tear for sure!


  • The hands-free feature also lets you receive phone calls
  • The speakers come in several hues, including pink and white, purple and orange, deep red, black, and aqua blue
  • You can shop for a refurbished version and get a very good deal


  • Some shoppers have complained that the lithium ion battery fails to maintain a charge, giving you far less than the promised 10 hours of listening entertainment
  • Others mention the volume leaves something to be desired

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3. JBL Clip 2 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speakers

JBL Clip 2 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Portability is an important consideration when shopping for jet ski Bluetooth speakers. That’s why my last pick is the JBL Clip 2 speaker.

As the name implies, these small speakers have a clip that lets you attach them wherever is most convenient on your jet ski. They’re perfect for handlebars.

These too run on a battery, but this time it only lasts eight hours. It should take you about two and a half hours to get a full charge.

With rubber exterior housing and a waterproof rating of IPX7, even if these speakers get wet, they won’t stop playing those tunes. That’s thanks in part to the waterproof fabric that covers each speaker.

You can connect your tablet or smartphone to these JBL speakers and begin playing your music wirelessly in an instant.

The speakers are available in colors like teal, red, gray, camo, black, and blue. 


  • The portability and small size of these waterproof speakers make them incredibly easy to tote around
  • They too come with a microphone for making and receiving calls on the go
  • While volume and sound maybe aren’t spectacular for one speaker, you can buy a few and attach them together for a volume boost


  • The battery life only lasts eight hours, and it takes nearly three hours to charge
  • A single JBL speaker won’t offer spectacular sound, which means you have to spend twice the money for more speakers

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How to Choose the Best Jet Ski Bluetooth Speakers – Buyer’s Guide

Now that I’ve presented some of the best picks for jet ski Bluetooth speakers, I wanted to talk more about how to narrow down your options. Also included are some tips and advice for enjoying your awesome new Bluetooth speakers to the fullest.

If you’re having a hard time picking between the great jet ski Bluetooth speakers I included earlier in this guide, here are some factors to keep in mind.


Since Bluetooth speakers are electronics, you can’t expect them to be dirt cheap. Deals are nice, but something that seems too good to be true usually is. There’s probably something wrong with the speakers or there soon will be.

Think of your speakers as an investment. By putting the money in now, you’ll get a lot of fun out of them later.


You’re using your Bluetooth speakers while riding your jet ski. They need to produce sounds loud enough that you can hear the music over the rumble of your engine and the crashing of the water around you. If you can’t, then what’s the point of having the speakers in the first place?


While maybe not as mandatory as the other factors, it’s best if you can get your hands on portable jet ski Bluetooth speakers. This way, you can remove your speakers from your watercraft when you’re done.

That lessens the chance of them getting damaged by winds, rain, and other weather. It also makes your jet ski less of a target for robbery.


The size of your speakers is also something to keep in mind. While bigger speakers could theoretically produce more sound, they can also be unwieldy, depending on how just how big they are.

Going too small can cause the opposite problem, where you just don’t get enough oomph with your sound. That leads to the music being drowned out in loud riding conditions.


What’s the Best Way to Use Jet Ski Bluetooth Speakers

Once you buy a great pair of jet ski Bluetooth speakers from my suggestions above, you’re going to have to install them.

Placement is critical to getting the best sound from your speakers. Putting them behind where you sit may sound like a good idea until you begin riding your jet ski and it gets so windy and loud that you can’t hear a thing.

You also don’t want to mount the speakers with straps and speaker tubes for ATVs. Again, you’ll have a hard time hearing anything and, worse of all, your speakers are at a high risk of detaching from the strap and tube and falling right into the water. If they sink, you might not find them. You’d have to get a new set.  

Okay, so where do you want to set up your jet ski Bluetooth speakers for optimal sound? Put them in front of you on your watercraft. This way, as your jet ski rides into the wind, it passes behind you without interrupting the quality of the sound, at least by much.

My Choice for the Best Jet Ski Bluetooth Speakers

If you’re seeking the best jet ski Bluetooth speakers, I’d say look no further than the Braven BRV-X portable speakers. They have their own power bank charge and produce amazing sound. Even the Altec Lansing H2O 3 can’t compare in terms of sheer volume, power, and amplification.

The BRV-X also lasts for 12 hours, giving you the longest amount of time to listen to tunes while you ride your jet ski. As you recall, the JBL Clip 2 speakers only last eight hours before needing to be recharged. The Altec provides 10 hours of music, but that’s still not as much.

With a sleek set of jet ski Bluetooth speakers, you can take your rides to the next level, listening to some great songs to accompany you!

Top Rated Jet Ski Bluetooth Speakers

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