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Best Snowmobile Dolly System in 2024 (REVIEW GUIDE)

What is the best snowmobile dolly system? There are many great options on the market, but my favorite is the KASTFORCE KF2014 because sometimes you need more than one dolly to move your machine around.

With the KF2014, you have two ski dollies with protective padding and the heavy-duty machine dolly. With the capacity to hold a combined weight of 1500 lb, you will be able to make light work of maneuvering your snowmobile.

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If you have ever tried to move a snowmobile without snow or without turning it on, you know that isn’t an easy task. Moving your snowmobile for any reason is back-breaking work. However, that just got easier with the use of snowmobile dollies.

Now you can move your favorite winter vehicle around your yard, in your garage or even from a trailer without having to strain. Additionally, dollies are great to have when maneuvering difficult corners or through tight spots, because most models sport rotating wheels.

When it comes to taking care of your precious winter vehicle, you want to make sure you are only getting the best equipment.

The decision to choose the right dolly for your snowmobile is not an easy one, so you will find some help to make that decision below, along with reviews of the best snowmobile dollies.

Reviews of the Best Snowmobile Dolly Systems

1. KASTFORCE KF2014 Snowmobile Dolly

KASTFORCE KF2014 Snowmobile Dolly

You want a snowmobile dolly that is going to keep your snow baby safe. Therefore, sometimes, you need more than one dolly, but rather a set of dollies to get that job done.

The KF2014 by Kastforce delivers you three dollies that combined can carry 1500 lb, which is plenty enough to support your snowmobile weight. What you get in this set are two ski dollies and one snowmobile dolly.

The ski dollies come with nylon straps that are adjustable so as to support your snowmobile skis as you move it around. Each ski dolly has been grooved specifically to fit skis comfortably and securely in the 8×10 -inch steel platform. Furthermore, the primary snowmobile dolly is 7×7 inches, providing ample support for your machine.

This dolly set is constructed with heavy-duty steel that has been powder coated to protect it against rust. You are guaranteed that this set is durable and strong to hold your snowmobile safe using durable layers of rubber to prevent sliding while being carried.

To help with the mobility of your machine, this dolly has 2.5-inch casters that are rotating for effortless maneuverability as they swivel 360 degrees.

You will enjoy the freedom of knowing that you can move your snowmobile around without the worry of harming your back.


  • The wheels of this dolly system handle lips on your driveway and garage effortlessly
  • It is very easy to position these dollies
  • The rubber padding holds the skis without having to strap them in


  • You must be careful not to overtighten the screws on the casters or risk stripping them
  • The casters don’t work particularly well on gravel
  • The dollies are heavier than you might be expecting

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2. Performance Tool Snowmobile Dolly Set

Performance Tool Snowmobile Dolly Set

Right from the minute you unbox this dolly set, you will be impressed. They have a nice clean design that isn’t anything fancy, but it is nice to look at, plus allows them to fit into any setting seamlessly.

The black finish and rubber padding give this dolly set a good feel. The wheels measure in at 2” and are very heavy duty. Furthermore, they are resistant enough that this set has a weight capacity of 1500 lb. Additionally, the casters do swivel a complete 360 degrees, making maneuverability effortless.

Each dolly is designed with a rubber top to help keep your snowmobile in place during transport. Though the ski dollies don’t have straps, they do have grooves to help keep the skis stable.

Hopefully, the rubber padding is enough. However, the quality of this snowmobile dolly is impeccable. From the well-built casters to the tough and sturdy design of the main dolly, you will be impressed with this set and comfortable that it will move your snowmobile safely.


  • When holding your snowmobile off the ground, these dollies are stable
  • Nice sleek design that isn’t flashy
  • The wheels don’t snag on small debris or lips on the floor


  • The wheels don’t pivot as easily as you might want them too
  • There are no straps for the skis, which leaves them vulnerable to slipping
  • The rubber padding wears down after long-term repeated use

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3. Extreme Max Red 5800.2000 Economy Snowmobile Dolly System

Extreme Max Red 5800.2000 Economy Snowmobile Dolly System

Though this dolly system doesn’t look like much, it may surprise you when it comes to how sturdy it is. The quality of this snowmobile dolly is top-notch as the pieces are well made and handle well on both flat and smooth surfaces. Furthermore, they hold up fairly well with minor debris or lips on the floor.

The wheels are 2.5 inches and are held in place by sturdy casters that allow for easy swiveling to maneuver in tight spaces.

The dolly system is painted red, which makes it easy to find amid other things in your garage. They also boast rubber padding that is durable and helps to prevent your sled from sliding when placed on the dolly.

The ski dollies have a groove that is ¼ inch wide and ¾ inch deep, which allows for a better fit for your skis. If that wasn’t enough, there are also Velcro straps for better stability.

This dolly system isn’t designed for large snowmobiles, but it works with your standard one without any fanfare. These dollies are easy to transport, and they do their job.


  • These dollies are very lightweight and fit easily in a backpack
  • The padding is very durable and withstands constant use
  • Maneuvering on flat surfaces is easy as the caster pivots seamlessly


  • This dolly system is not ideal if you have a large snowmobile
  • The wheels get caught on debris easily
  • The grooves in the ski dollies do nothing

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How to Choose a Snowmobile Dolly – Buyer’s Guide

Knowing what makes a snowmobile dolly a good one is a huge part of the battle when it comes to choosing the right one for your machine. You want to be sure that you have one that is going to keep your vehicle balanced.

A balanced vehicle requires your snowmobile dolly to be sturdy and secure. However, these are only some of the considerations you need to think about when choosing the right snowmobile dolly.

Security Features

When you are transporting your vehicle, protecting it is essential. Therefore, you want to be sure that the dolly you use for your snowmobile is going to be one that will protect your precious winter vehicle. That is where straps and padding come into play.

Most dollies will have some padding that will protect your snowmobile when on it. You want to make sure this padding is made of high-quality, durable rubber. The padding serves two purposes. It helps to keep the snowmobile in place, and it protects the paint from being scratched.

When it comes to your snowmobile skis, the dolly that holds them should have a groove that is padded as well. Some will only have padding in the groove, which only protects the bottom of the ski — however, you’re better off getting one that has padding throughout the entire ski portion.

Furthermore, for added security, you should have straps to hold the skis in place as they are prone to slipping.

The Wheels

One of the key elements of the dolly is how easy it is to move around, and a huge part of that is the wheels. The whole reason you are looking for the best dolly for snowmobiles is that you want to be able to move your snowmobile across various surfaces with ease when not in snow.

The wheels have the most vital role when it comes to moving your snowmobile. The larger the wheels, the better, if you need to tackle rough terrain. However, if you are just looking to move your snowmobile on flat surfaces with lips and debris, smaller wheels are fine.

The smaller the wheels are, the easier it is to maneuver your snowmobile around places such as your garage because they will pivot easier and handle tight corners without any issues.

However, what is most important for your wheels is that they are mounted using caster that can swivel. One that can swivel 360 degrees is best. Furthermore, the dolly that has four wheels also offers the most stability.

My Choice for the Best Snowmobile Dolly System

When you need to move your snowmobile around without breaking your back, then you want the KASTFORCE KF2014 Snowmobile Dolly. This is my top pick for the best dolly to keep your machine safe and secure while you move it.

It has dual straps for the skis and heavy-duty padding that keeps your machine safe. Furthermore, it is sleek, durable, and heavy-duty, enough to protect your machine as you make your move.

Having a few options for the best snowmobile dolly helps you to compare and determine which one you believe is best suited for you.

Ultimately, you want to move your snowmobile safely and without harm to yourself or your machine. Each of the dolly options from this guide will help you achieve that goal.

Top Rated Snowmobile Dollies

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