Best Mountain Bike Saddle for Big Guys

Best Mountain Bike Saddle for Big Guys in 2024 (GUIDE)

What is the best mountain bike saddle for big guys? The SGODDE Comfortable Bike Seat is an excellent option for larger guys.

Lightweight, durable, and just enough padding for flat tracks where you’ll be sitting a lot – it’s a heavy mountain biker’s new best friend.

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For those of us who are a bit bigger, the saddles that come stock on the majority of mountain bikes just don’t cut it. They often feel like they were made for people half our size, and it can be a big deterrent for those just beginning in the sport.

Fortunately, even the cheapest bike can be modified to ride as long as you can find the right seat.

Of course, depending on your riding style and budget, you’ll definitely want to take a look around. I’ve compiled three great saddles for bigger folks, and the information you’ll need to make the right choice.

Reviews of the Best Mountain Bike Saddles for Big Guys

1. SGODDE Comfortable Bike Seat – Best Overall

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Like most of the easily available and less expensive bike saddles, SGODDE isn’t a brand that most people have heard of. However, this gel bike seat is probably the best around for big guys who aren’t looking to break the bank.

The seat is 6.2” wide, making it perfect for even the largest sit bones, and it has a hole to allow for both air to pass through and to get some pressure off your more delicate bits of anatomy.

It also has a streamlined front to allow your legs to move easily without chafing, no matter how big around they are. It’s pretty much perfect for the larger folks out there and it comes in at a reasonable price.

It’s not super comfortable for inexperienced riders who aren’t aware of how to keep just off the seat over bumps, and the included hardware… well, the seat’s durable coating will probably last longer than the stock attachments.

Still, this is the best of the best for those who are looking to get on the trail and have a bit of extra heft or particularly wide sit bones. The minor flaws are more than made up for at a lower price than any comparable seat.


  • Well-designed for mountain biking
  • Gel padding
  • Highly durable coating
  • Great value for the price


  • Included hardware isn’t super durable
  • Not the most comfortable ride

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2. Planet Bike Men’s A.R.S. – Best Saddle for People Over 300 lb

Planet Bike Men's A.R.S.

If you’re over 300 lb, then you’ll need something with a little bit more padding than the average person. While most mountain bikers can get away with a lighter seat, you’ll find that those who are particularly heavy need the extra cushioning.

The hardware mounting for this seat is particularly great, although the seat runs a little heavy and high for some people. It’s engineered to provide for a smooth ride, and it’s also a great choice for lighter people who need a commuting bike that will cover ten to twenty miles per day.

The cover isn’t the most durable, however, since it’s made of Lycra. For a commuting or road bike, it’s fine, although it’s a bit heavier than many. For a mountain bike, it’s simply not going to be durable enough to take repeated wrecks. Trail riders will probably never notice the difference, however.

This is a solid bike seat that will work great for larger people. It measures 6.5” across, which is a great width for larger folks, and the gel is great for keeping the weight off your vulnerable bits while mountain biking.


  • Comfortable gel seat
  • Cover reduces chafing for large thighs
  • Quite wide to allow any sit bones to be comfortable
  • Great mounting hardware


  • A bit of shady marketing around the seat
  • The cover is a bit less durable than recommended for mountain bikers

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3. ZHIQIU Comfortable Bike Saddle – Budget Option

ZHIQIU Comfortable Bike Saddle

While this seat doesn’t offer a ton of extra comfort, the oversized saddle is actually great for larger mountain bikers. Keep in mind that once you have some experience, you won’t be spending too much time on the seat anyways, except for in flat areas.

It’s cheap, that’s certain from the moment you take it out of the box. The hardware isn’t great, the padding is minimal, but the price is right if you ignore the marketing and just look at the size.

It’s basic, but it’s 6” wide for larger folks, and for mountain bikers, it’s pretty much perfect. Even the durable cover adds a bit.

So, if you’re looking for something cheaper than normal but still serviceable? Pick it up, you won’t be disappointed, and by the time it wears out, you’ll know what you need for the next, better seat.


  • Lightweight
  • Cheap
  • Wide enough for most big guys


  • Not super durable
  • Hardware could be much better

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How to Choose an MTB Seat for Big Guys – Buyer’s Guide

Your saddle is an important component of the bike that often gets overlooked. When mountain biking, you’ll often be up and down during different parts of the trail, so you have different considerations to take into account than a road biker who’ll generally only be off the saddle during steeper climbs.

You’ll want to pay attention to the following qualities to ensure you’ve got a bike seat that’s a good fit for a larger than average frame.

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Seat Width

This is the big one for those of you who are of greater than average size. The width of a seat is the single most important factor in how comfortable you’ll be using the saddle.

What width is best depends on how wide your sit bones are. Those of you with anatomical knowledge might already be looking at me like I’m crazy, so more specifically, it depends on how wide your pelvic bones are, specifically the parts that are lowest when you’re in a riding position.

There’s an easy way to measure at home. Find a carpeted stair or throw a towel down on a regular one. Place some aluminum foil on the stair, sit on it, lean forward like you’re riding a bike, then lift your feet a few inches off the ground.

Stand up, turn around, and measure the amount of space between the deepest impressions in the foil. You can also use a bag of flour for this purpose, but I’ve found foil to be the better option.

Unless you’re getting into custom saddles, you’ll fall into one of three categories:

  • Narrow saddles are made for widths of less than 4”
  • Medium saddles are for those who have sit bones of 4”-5”
  • Wide saddles are made for those who have sit bones over 5” apart

This gives you a good idea of what you need out of a saddle. Most larger people will need a medium or wide saddle, but there are exceptions depending on your build. The saddle should be about an inch wider than your sit bone measurement.

This is the most important consideration. A saddle that doesn’t fit well in width is one that will be uncomfortable no matter what you’re planning on doing.

That said, wider will generally be more comfortable no matter your size, and I focused on finding seats that would fit into the wide category when doing the research for these saddles.


One mistake many heavier cyclists make is going immediately for a heavily cushioned seat in hopes of it making up for their weight.

It’s a bit misguided, although the concept seems sound.

There are two big reasons for this. The first is that mountain bikers are often off their saddles, especially in terrains, where hills are the norm rather than the exception.

The second is that some ignore width in favor of more cushioning.

A hard seat is fine for most mountain bikers, and there’s a reason they come stock on the vast majority of bikes. If you’re over 300 lb, you may want to keep an eye out for extra cushioning, but it’s still less important than the overall width of the saddle.

Thick saddles can also make adjusting the post to the proper height a bit deceptive, as you’ll naturally sink into foams over time, and they may need to be placed ½” or so higher than you’d normally run them.

If you’re insistent you need the extra padding, you may be best off with adding an aftermarket foam pad rather than a heavier seat.

Planet Bike Anatomic Relief System Classic Bike Seat- Men
  • TOP REVIEWED BIKE SEAT DESIGNED FOR COMFORT: The anatomic relief saddle is built around foam padding with a flexible base for maximum comfort and support;...
  • ANATOMIC RELIEF DESIGN: The full length center recess provides ideal anatomic relief, guaranteed to leave you smiling after every ride
  • LYCRA COVER DESIGNED FOR REPEATED RIDING: Plush lycra designed cover with abrasion-resistant side material to reduce overall wear and tear through repeated...
  • SIMPLE TO MOUNT ON ATB, MOUNTAIN, HYBRID, EXERCISE AND PELOTON BIKES: The solid steel rail construction is simple to mount to any standard bike seat post
  • ELECTRIC BIKE READY: Perfect bike seat for your electric bicycle to keep you comfortable on long or short rides

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There’s another drawback to the heavily foamed seats, which many heavier riders prefer before becoming educated: foam wears out much more quickly than hard seats. You’ll pay more and go through two or three of them before a hard seat even begins to show damage.

The same goes for under-seat suspension like those you’ll find in cruiser-style seats. The components will wear out more quickly.

Indeed, I’ve never seen a hard seat actually wear out. They generally last longer than the posts they’re on.

That said, for riders over 300 lb, it may be necessary to go with a less durable seat to ride comfortably.

My Choice for the Best Mountain Bike Saddle for Big Guys

With all the extra considerations for bigger guys, finding the right saddle takes a bit of time and expertise. Fortunately, you’ve now got it, and you’ll be able to ensure that you have the right saddle for your own needs.

I’m still convinced the SGODDE Comfortable Bike Seat is the best mountain biking saddle for big guys, unless you’re going the custom route. Lightweight, durable, and just enough padding combined with a perfect width for larger folks. The price isn’t too bad, either.

That said, there really is a perfect saddle for every rider. So give it a shot and get started on wearing it out; by the time it’s done, you’re sure to know what you need out of the next one.

Top Rated Mountain Bike Seats

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