Best Beginner Snowboard Boots

Best Beginner Snowboard Boots in 2024 (REVIEW GUIDE)

Knowing the basics of snowboarding is very important if you want to be good at it quickly, but that’s not all that it takes to be better in this sport; you also need to have the best gear and equipment.

So what are the best beginner snowboard boots? My personal favorites are the ThirtyTwo STW BOA Snowboard Boots. They’re highly comfortable, warm, and offer great shock absorption.

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Getting the best boots for you doesn’t necessarily mean that you need the expensive ones. It means you should have the ones that better fit your own needs and preferences. Keep reading as I’m going to provide you information that will help you choose the best snowboard boots for you.

Best Beginner Snowboard Boots Reviews

1. ThirtyTwo STW BOA Snowboard Boots

thirty-two STW BOA Boots

If you think that you need to spend a lot of money just to have a comfortable and durable pair of snowboard boots, think again.

High-end brands may be too expensive but there are actually decent products with good quality that you can get for a very good price. One of which is the 32 STW BOA Boot.

Aside from their very reasonable price, they are also considered as some of the most comfortable snowboard boots you can possibly find. That’s actually the product’s strongest quality, which is perfect for those who are just beginning to learn snowboarding.


  • Extremely comfortable snowboard boots
  • Has a mediumsoft flex for great responsiveness and maneuverability
  • Highly recommended for beginners
  • Secure and durable lacing system
  • Comfort lining for a customizable fit
  • Great shock absorption properties

Things to look out for

  • The boots come in smaller-than-regular size so you might want to order a size bigger

Bottom line

The 32 STW BOA Boots received really positive feedback from a lot of customers who posted their comments online. They find its extremely comfortable design to be an excellent feature, especially considering that beginners are prone to falling because of inexperience.

The boots have great shock absorption properties that reduce the effect of whatever impact the boots may receive. This is truly a product that’s great for the money.

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2. Burton Moto Snowboard Boots

Burton Moto Snowboard Boot

The Burton Moto Snowboard Boot is a rather popular product in the market and is very competitive when it comes to quality and affordability.

Aside from showcasing qualities that are expected from a mid-range snowboard boot like the Burton, it also has its own features that are exclusive to the brand.

Its lacing system and liner imprint are nothing short of impressive. It has received a lot of positive feedback for being such a well-constructed product for the intermediate and advanced riders. It truly offers high-end quality for a price that is just within your budget.


  • Medium soft flex boots
  • Has excellent responsiveness
  • Additional comfort due to its snow-proof internal gusset
  • Well-cushioned boots using a sleeping bag reflective foil
  • Great fastening system

Things to look out for

  • It has a slight heel lift which affects the responsiveness
  • Doesn’t have a very good shock absorptivity

Bottom line

Coming from one of the most trusted brands in the industry of winter sports gear and equipment, these are very good snowboard boots designed to be perfect for those who would like to establish their own riding style.

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3. Salomon Pearl BOA Snowboard Boots

Salomon Pearl BOA Snowboard Boot

Snowboarding may be quite a challenging sport to learn, but it won’t be as hard as it seems if you have the right gear and equipment.

That doesn’t mean that you need to buy the high-end snowboard accessories in order to get high-quality products.

Believe it or not, there are products out there that offer you almost the same quality as high-end brands for a budget that may be well within your limit.

The Salomon Pearl BOA Snowboard Boot is the kind of boot you are looking for. It is designed for beginners and intermediate riders who would like to work on establishing their riding style.


  • High-quality material used for snowboard boots construction
  • Medium flex boot softness level
  • Has an excellent response
  • Features single BOA closure system
  • Made for maximum comfort with its Silver Fit liner that comes with auto-fit liner
  • Reduced impact with its excellent shock absorbing properties
  • Ortholite C1 Footbed for additional comfort
  • Lightweight outsoles with better grip for stability

Things to look out for

  • Meant for intermediate riders, though can still be used by more experienced beginners

Bottom line

Since this product is made by one of the reputable brands in the industry, a lot can be expected from the Salomon Pearl BOA Snowboard Boot.

Fortunately, Salomon definitely delivers with this one. It is, in fact, one of the most popular products in the market.

A lot of people find it well-constructed, comfortable, and responsive enough for a lot of intermediate level techniques.

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4. DC Phase Snowboard Boots

DC Phase Snowboard Boots

Transitioning from a beginner boot to a more advanced one can be quite a challenge, especially if you haven’t established your own riding style yet. But, if you have the perfect boots, it may not be as challenging you think.

The DC Phase is considered to be an excellent transition pair of boots if you are planning on getting your riding game up a notch. It has just the right amount of flex. It also has a wonderful lacing system. These boots are very durable and also very stylish.


  • Medium flex boots
  • Great responsiveness for better maneuverability
  • Made of high quality, durable leather-and-nubuck material
  • Traditional lacing system for manual tightening
  • Reduced impact due to its excellent shock absorption properties.
  • Molded J-bars and liners help lock your foot in place

Things to look out for

  • It has thin insulation compared to other snowboard boots, requiring you to use thermal socks
  • Has a small amount of lift in the heels.

Bottom line

DC is known for its fashionable sneakers and trainers, but it is also a popular brand for sports shoes like skating and snowboarding. The DC Phase are well-designed and packed with excellent features.

The product is very durable and comfortable to wear. The response is very good, something that you’d be looking for in transition boots.

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5. Head Scout Pro Snowboard Boots

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There is no need to spend a fortune just to secure a pair of high-quality snowboard boots for your newfound hobby. You can have a pair with decent quality for a reasonable price.

The Head Scout Pro boots are highly recommended entry-level boots that you can have for a price that is well within your budget. They have received good feedback for their comfortable design and good grip.


  • Soft flex, allowing more room for errors
  • Traditional boa lacing system for manual tightening
  • Comfort cuff feature gives more flex
  • Comfort liner with a foot-hugging design is intended for optimal comfort
  • Reduced toes and ankle pressure
  • Trace sole feature for better response and grip

Bottom line

The product is very comfortable to wear. It offers good grip with its outsole design, helping you be more stable on the board.

It is considered as an entry-level boot, but the degree of its softness will require a little bit of experience, which it’s not recommended for absolute beginners.

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Advantages of Snowboarding

Snowboarding is a fun and exciting winter sport that offers a lot of health benefits. Recently, more and more people are becoming hooked on the sport.

Even with the advent of social media and online games, this winter sport has become increasingly popular. And why shouldn’t it? It is an interesting activity that teaches flexibility, endurance, and balance.

Also, the fact that it utilizes all the major muscle groups in the body makes it a very effective way of losing weight or maintaining your figure.

1. It’s an excellent aerobic exercise

Snowboarding is considered an intense cardio workout. It is so effective that it can burn up to 450 calories an hour for an average person. If you’re already bored with your cardio routine, why not try something different and exciting?

2. It helps build your muscles

This type of sport requires all major muscle groups in the body to work. While most of the pressure is focused on the lower part of the body, you also utilize the shoulders and your arms to maintain your balance. Maximum body coordination is necessary. The more you ride, the better you will be and the firmer your muscles are going to be.

3. Snowboarding releases endorphins

Endorphins are neurochemicals in the brain that are responsible for the feeling of happiness and well-being. Whenever you ride, more endorphins are released. As a result, you will feel more relaxed, and it will significantly reduce your anxiety. In short, it is good for both your physical and mental health.

Snowboarding Tips for Beginners

This sport sure looks fun and exciting if you are watching from the sidelines or if you’re looking at a video while sitting comfortably at home. However, once you are out there and you’re about to ride your board for the first time, it may not seem that easy and fun. Well, difficulty at the beginning of every new activity or sport you try is normal.

You still don’t know what to do and that’s perfectly fine. What’s important is that you are willing to learn and you won’t mind falling a few times before you finally get the hang of it.

Anyhow, you can always enroll in a snowboarding class, or if you have someone who would be willing to teach you the basics, that would be helpful too.

If you don’t have the resources, there’s no need to fret. Here’s a short summary of the basics of snowboarding that will give you an idea what to do in the beginning.

1. Determine if you are a goofy or a regular

Before you get started, you have to determine which foot is the dominant one. But how do you do that?

Well, an easy way to check is by asking a friend to gently shove you from behind. The foot that you use to step forward is your dominant or lead foot. If it’s the right, you’re a goofy. If you use your left foot, that means you’re a regular.

2. Secure yourself by fastening the bindings correctly

Fasten your feet into the board with the bindings. They usually come in two types – strap and speed entry.

The most common binding that people use is the strap binding, which has two straps that you use to securely fasten your boot to the board.

Speed-entry bindings, on the other hand, are more convenient as they allow you to easily slide your boot in and out.

3. Anticipate your falls

No one becomes an expert in snowboarding overnight. It’s going to take a while before you learn, and whether you like it or not, there will be a lot of falling that’s going to happen. The good thing is, you can keep yourself from getting hurt badly by knowing how to fall well.

As much as possible, you should try to avoid falling downhill. Falling uphill will be less painful and will cause less damage. Also, if you can help it, do not fall on your coccyx.

4. Just keep practicing

Deciding to learn snowboarding may just be a way to kill time for you during the winter, but it shouldn’t mean that you just drop it when things start to get serious. It can be challenging in the beginning and you may lose interest at some point, but it is actually one way of disciplining yourself.

Marvel at your small achievements and keep yourself motivated. When you become good at it, you will surely thank yourself for not giving up. Just keep on practicing.

How to Choose Snowboard Boots – Buyer’s Guide

There are a lot of snowboarding products that you can have at a decent price and get really good value from. For example, when it comes to choosing your snowboard boots, you don’t have to spend a lot of fortune to get the best one for you.

As long as you know what to look for, you can find something that will suit your snowboarding style and needs without having to spend a fortune. That being said, here’s a list of the things to look for in a pair of snowboard boots.

1. Great fit

The importance of finding a pair of snowboard boots that fit perfectly cannot be overstated. Aside from making sure you have an excellent ride, having boots that fit you perfectly is also a safety precaution. Loose boots can be very dangerous when you’re riding downhill.

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On the other hand, boots that are too snug can hurt your feet and may also affect your performance. This is why it is important that your boots fit you perfectly. When choosing your boots, be sure that you try them on and don’t just look at the sizes. Each brand has its own sizing system for their boots.

3. Comfortable

Needless to say, you have to be comfortable in your snowboard boots. Comfortable boots have excellent shock absorption properties. That means that your feet are well protected and whatever impact your boots may receive will not hurt your feet as bad.

But don’t compromise on the traction just to get more shock absorption. There should be a balance between these two properties.

4. Enough flex

Boot flex is one of the factors to consider when choosing snowboard boots. It’s actually the degree of softness of your boots.

Soft flex boots allow more room for errors and are very easy to maneuver.

Stiffer boots, on the other hand, are more rigid and can be challenging to steer while riding; but they offer more stability.

For beginners, it is recommended to have the medium soft flex boots, which are somewhere in the middle. This allows beginners to experiment and establish their riding style.

My Choice for the Best Beginner Snowboarding Boots

Once again, the 32 STW boots are my top pick for the best snowboard boots for beginners.

Besides the great levels of comfort they provide, the medium-soft flex is also ideal for people new to the sport.

Top Rates Snowboarding Boots

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