Salomon Pearl BOA Snowboard Boot

Salomon Pearl BOA Snowboard Boot Review

Have you spent almost all of the winter season cooped up at home, continuously browsing social media, watching all of the series on Netflix, and possibly gaining a little weight? Not a very healthy way to spend a beautiful season, is it?

Well, if you’re bored to death and you want to stretch your muscles out a little bit, there are actually a lot of fun and exciting things that you can do in the snowy and cold outdoors. Just because the rest of the world is hibernating doesn’t mean you should be as well.

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Try one of the increasingly popular sports for winter; Snowboarding. Now, it may seem too outdoorsy and a little bit extreme for you, but if you are up for a challenge, you will surely find yourself happy as you try to learn the sport.

Of course, it isn’t going to be that easy in the beginning, but investing time and effort to learn the basics will definitely pay off.

You will experience the exhilarating feeling of being able to glide down a snowy slope on your snowboard. You just have to have very reliable equipment that you can use for training.

You need to be sure about the gear you will be using because poor quality snowboarding gear may cause accidents and could really hurt you in the process.

One of the things that you need to pay attention to is the boots. The Salomon Pearl BOA Snowboard Boot is on the list of well-reviewed products which you should totally check out.

Key Features

Salomon is a trusted name in the industry and is popular for making well-constructed gear for winter sports such as snowboarding. One of its best products is the Salomon Pearl BOA Snowboard Boot, which is included in the list of best sellers. Here’s a list of reasons why:

  • Medium Flex Boots with excellent response
  • Uses a single BOA Closure system for convenient
  • Features a Silver Fit Liner that comes with auto-fit liner foam for optimal comfort
  • Has Flightweight Outsoles which are extremely lightweight
  • Ortholite C1 Footbed for added comfort

Salomon Pearl BOA Snowboard Boot


Salomon is known for producing high-quality snowboard boots, and the Salomon Pearl BOA Snowboard Boot is an excellent proof of that.

It is a Medium Flex boot which means that it is ideal for intermediate snowboard riders. It doesn’t allow as much room for error like soft flex boots, but it does have an excellent response.

It uses a single BOA closure which makes it very convenient to get your feet in and out of the boots. The Silver Fit liner that comes with auto-fit liner foam is intended for optimal comfort.

It has shock-absorbing properties that reduce the impact delivered to your foot by cushioning it really well. It also has an Ortholite C1 Footbed which effectively adds more comfort for your feet. And its lightweight outsoles significantly reduce the overall weight of the boots, favoring fluid movement for the rider.


The Salomon Pearl BOA Snowboard Boot has a medium flex level. It is recommended for advanced or intermediate riders. It is not as forgiving as the softer flex boots.


Be the best snowboarder you can be while getting the comfort you deserve for your feet with the Salomon Pearl BOA Snowboard Boot. It is a well-constructed pair of snowboard boots designed for women.

Every feature it has is intended for female riders’ needs. It is highly recommended for those who have already mastered the basics of the sport and are now ready to go a notch higher by establishing a style.

That’s exactly what this pair of boots does for you. It allows you to learn more tricks and techniques without sacrificing the comfort that your feet deserve.


If you are looking for the best snowboard boots, two of them are the DC Phase Snowboard Boots and the Salomon Pearl BOA Snowboard Boot. Both are excellent products and they belong on the list of the most reviewed snowboard boots. When it comes to insulation, the Pearl is a lot better than the DC Phase. Also, the latter has a significant amount of heel lift which is a no-no for intermediate riders.

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