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Best Snowmobile Shovel in 2024 (REVIEW GUIDE)

With today’s technology, picking a snowmobile shovel can be a little confusing. You may think, hey, it’s just a shovel, but the reality is this tool will be your most used and most important. I have done the research and have found some quality shovels that will be perfect for your next snow adventure.

So, what is the best snowmobile shovel? My favorite snowmobile shovel is the BCA D-2 Dozer. It comes with two functions: it can be used as a traditional shovel and as a hoe for optimal snow removal. It has a comfortable handle for those long dig outs, and it packs down easily, even with the strong steel saw that fits conveniently inside of it.

A shovel is essential to any rider’s set up. There is a lot to consider before purchasing. If you are going to be doing some very extreme riding, you might need a more technical shovel than if you are only hanging out on trails. Snowmobile shovels can also vary drastically in price. Below are some tips to help you find your new backcountry best friend.

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Reviews of the Best Snowmobile Shovels

1. BCA D-2 Dozer Hoe Ext Avalanche Shovel

BCA D-2 Dozer Hoe Ext Avalanche Shovel

This shovel is a strong, reliable one. It is the shovel you want if you are going to have to be moving a lot of snow. It is a little wider than most shovels, but I like that quality about it.

It has a hoe function on it, which helps to extricate your snowmobile when it is stuck in awkward places, like around a tree well. Because of these features, it is a perfect shovel for riders that like to play in the deeper powder off-trail.

The Dozer has a comfortable grip in both the traditional and hoe setting to keep your hands from getting chewed up. The scoop doesn’t have the “ferrall” or the tubing that receives the shaft, sticking out, so it packs down very easily. You can take apart the handle, the shaft, and the scoop, but I always have left the handle on to keep it in just two pieces.

This shovel comes with a seven-inch, heavy-duty steel saw. It is deeply serrated for cutting large tree branches and fits nicely inside the shaft of the shovel.

All in all, this shovel is my favorite one to take into the backcountry inside my snowmobile backpack, and the best thing about it is that it is moderately priced.


  • Hoe function
  • Strong steel saw that fits inside
  • No ferrall sticking out of the scoop


  • Hard to fit in some backpacks because of the width
  • No place for the hand on that’s not on the handle
  • Still expensive even for the mid-range price

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2. Klim Backcountry Snowmobile Shovel System

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This shovel is the largest of the group. It measures in at a whopping 40.5 inches in length and collapsed measures at 22 inches to give you the extra leverage to move snow. It is built from strong aluminum. It does not have the hoe function that the Dozer has, but it does have a little bit wider scoop.

It features a pretty comfortable handle. The handle is oversized to fit large hands. With the extra length and the larger handle, this shovel is usually the favorite of bigger guys.

The handle packs down easily with its telescoping shaft and removable scoop. Even when the temperatures get low, it still comes apart or together with ease. The only negative quality when stowing this shovel is that the ferrall does stick out a bit from the scoop.

The Klim shovel also comes with a saw, which attaches to the end of the shaft when the scoop is removed. The saw is 14 inches long, but it does seem a little flimsy when cutting thicker tree branches.

This shovel is a little pricey being even more expensive than The Dozer, but if you are an extra-large person, you might want to consider this one for the longer shaft, handle, and scoop.


  • Large length and scoop
  • Saw attaches at the end of the shaft
  • Bigger handle for bigger people


  • Not cheap
  • No hoe function
  • The saw a little flimsy due to its length

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3. Lifeline Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel for Snowmobiling

Lifeline Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel for Snowmobiling

If you are on a budget and are not planning on advanced riding, this Lifeline shovel might be the one for you. You definitely get what you pay for dropping down in price, but if you are just staying on well-maintained trails, this shovel is probably the best choice for you

It is made with aluminum, but it definitely feels like a much cheaper quality than the two mentioned above. Even though this shovel is made from cheaper materials, it is still pretty strong.

The handle on this shovel is just your average T-grip, so nothing special or particularly comfortable there. It comes in all sorts of colors for personalizing your gear.

It does pack down with a telescoping shaft, but it has two shafts to pack away, as opposed to one shaft packing into the other. It also has been known to get a little sticky in really cold weather when trying to assemble it.

It doesn’t come with any bells or whistles, like a folding saw, but it is cheap and great for those who do not plan on riding into extreme areas.


  • Inexpensive
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Strong shovel


  • Uncomfortable grip
  • Packs away a little bulky
  • No folding saw
  • Sticky when packing away or setting up in extreme cold

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How to Choose the Best Snowmobile Shovel – Buyer’s Guide

Aside from things like a snowmobile gas can or backpack, a shovel is one of the most important tools to take with you into the backcountry. It is important to choose one that matches the level of riding you intend to do.

A good snowmobile shovel should be comfortable to dig with, pack down easily, and be strongly made. Here are some specific factors to look at before purchasing your next shovel.

Multi-Use Technology

I think one of the best features of newer snowmobile shovels is that they can be assembled into a traditional shovel and also into a hoe to paddle snow away.

Statistically, a person’s chance of surviving an avalanche drops drastically after the first fifteen minutes. It could mean life or death, depending on how fast you can remove the snow. The fastest way to do this is to have one person digging with the traditional shovel in front and a second shovel in the hoe setting, paddling away the snow behind them.

The hoe function is also great when your snowmobile gets stuck near a tree well and traditional shoveling becomes very difficult.


Sometimes when I get my snowmobile really good and stuck, I will spend a good hour digging out my sled. A comfortable handle can make a world of difference. I get really hot when I am shoveling and usually take my gloves off. A shovel with comfort features helps to prevent blisters from forming on my hands so I can snowmobile longer.

Packs Easily

It is very important for emergencies to always have your snowmobile shovel on you, as opposed to in your tunnel bag that can get separated from you. For that reason, your shovel needs to be able to break down and pack easily.

Most every shovel separates the shaft from the scoop. I prefer for the scoop to be flush so that the “ferrall” or the place where the shaft fits into doesn’t protrude out. It is also nice to have the shovel only break down into two pieces instead of three.

Folding Saw

The more expensive shovels will have a saw that is stored in the shaft of the shovel. This feature is a real plus if you want to spend the extra cash on it, and believe me, I speak from personal experience – you will want to.

Having a saw with you can make getting around small trees or branches a breeze.

When I was first learning to ride, I sent my snowmobile into a young pine tree. One of my skis hooked around the tree trunk facing down a pretty steep hill. I could not reverse back up the hill because every time I tried, I buried my sled deeper into the snow. I finally flagged down another rider who had a saw in his shovel. He cut the little tree down and I was on my way down the hill, no problem.

After this experience, I got myself a shovel with a saw built into it.  It has come in handy for that situation two times with other riders. It is well worth the extra money.

My Choice for the Best Snowmobile Shovel

Different types of riders require different types of shovels, but my top pick for the best snowmobile shovel has to be the BCA D-2 Dozer.

Having the hoe function is an absolute game-changer when removing snow from hard to reach areas and that quality really sets it apart from the others. It has a comfortable handle, and a folding saw that cuts through anything. This shovel packs away compactly with ease, and it is affordable.

However, if you are a bigger guy, the Klim Shovel Backcountry System might be a better fit for you with the larger handle, shaft, and scoop.

If you are on a budget and do not put yourself in the way of avalanche danger very often, then perhaps the Lifeline Aluminum Shovel is right for you since it is not expensive at all. Wherever you are riding, never forget to have your shovel on you!

Top Rated Snowmobile Shovels

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