Best Snowmobile Tunnel Bag

Best Snowmobile Tunnel Bag in 2024 (REVIEW GUIDE)

If you spend a lot of time on the back of your snowmobile, then you know how important it is to carry safety items with you. It is a lot more comfortable to carry your heavier belongings in a bag that fits onto the tunnel of your snowmobile. Finding a tunnel bag can be a confusing process, but with the right information, you can choose one like a professional.

So, what is the best snowmobile tunnel bag? My favorite one has to be the BCA MntPro Tunnel Bag. This bag is a universal tunnel bag that will fit most sleds, both old and new. It will hold up to the most aggressive of rider’s standards and makes organizing simple and easy. This bag makes storing all safety and comfort items possible. 

There is a lot to consider when choosing a tunnel bag. It is important to know the type of snowmobile you have, your riding style, and of course, your budget, but there are also some other factors to consider beyond that. Below are some tips and tricks to find the tunnel bag that’s perfect for you. 

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Reviews of the Best Snowmobile Tunnel Bags

1. BCA MntPro Tunnel Bag

BCA MntPro Tunnel Bag

I like this tunnel bag because it offers space without seeming too bulky. It is not the cheapest bag, but it will last you.

It offers 21 liters of space, weighing in at 4.3 pounds. It is a heavier bag compared to the 1 pound bags, but I think you make up for that in durability and padding.  

The MntPro bag is universal, so it can fit most sleds, old and new. For rigging, it comes standard with four straps. If you have a Polaris, there are mounts on the bottom of the sled that this bag will connect to; if you have a Ski-Doo, this accommodates the Linqs systems as well. 

I really like the inside for its organizational ability. It comes with an outer compartment for your backup shovel. Your primary snowmobile shovel should always be worn on your back in case you get separated from your snowmobile.

There is a cargo net on the inside to make sure your items are not bouncing around, as well as many smaller zipper compartments. It is made from 100% waterproof materials and even allows for snow to flow in between the tunnel bag and the tunnel. This is a really nice feature if you have a bit of an older sled that likes to overheat frequently.

The zipper is a little small and not easy to grab with gloves on, but the bag detaches from the sled really easily.


  • The most amount of space
  • Outer pocket for shovel
  • Inside zipper compartments organization


  • Not the cheapest
  • Heavy
  • Small zippers

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2. Giant Loop Revelstoke Tunnel Bag

Giant Loop Revelstoke Tunnel Bag

This bag is another popular option. It is a little cheaper than the previous one but has similar durable materials. However, it is a little smaller with 16 liters of storage.

It utilizes a rolling technique like that of a dry bag, so it is fairly easy to make it smaller if you are not carrying as many items. There are four anchors in the corners of each bag to make hooking to a rail easy. If you do not have a rail, then you can buy the anchor attachments that are sold separately as pairs. 

There is enough room for an extra shovel, but it will have to be packed on the inside, which takes longer to access. There are also dividing compartments, but they are less secure compared to that of the BCA.

I have not had any trouble with the straps, but there have been some complaints that they are cheaply made. All in all, this is a nice mid-range bag that offers easy installation, but is not optimal for riders wanting to go long distances because of its size


  • Cheaper
  • Rolling dry bag function 
  • Easy to install 


  • Cheaply made
  • No outer pockets
  • Smaller

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3. American Trails Snowmobile Tunnel Bag

American Trails Snowmobile Tunnel Bag

This bag is perfect for those who are not aggressive riders and for those that mainly stick to the trails. It is the smallest bag of this list, coming in at 12 liters.

The bag has a rectangular shape, so it’s not made to be aerodynamic; instead, it sits like a cooler. You can definitely feel that it is made from cheaper materials, but for what it is, I was pretty happy with it. 

It is not waterproof but water-resistant, so I would not recommend relying on it for those snowy days with a lot of weather.

One of the biggest draws to this bag is how cheap it is, perfect for hauling a couple of tools and the afternoon’s lunch. 

This model comes with a half an inch of padding to keep your stuff safe. It also has large zippers that are easy to use with gloves on. Although it is quite a budget option, the bag itself is made from durable materials. However, the straps are not very heavy duty.


  • Inexpensive
  • Durable ½ in of padding
  • Glove-friendly zippers


  • Not aerodynamic 
  • Not waterproof
  • Small

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How to Choose the Best Tunnel Bag for Your Snowmobile – Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a tunnel bag can be a breeze if you know ahead of time what to look for.

You have to figure out how you will rig your bag to your sled. Next, you want to check the quality of the bag. Are the zippers quality-made? Is there ample space? Is the material sturdy and waterproof? Are there separate compartments for organization?

Below you will find some tips to help you buy the tunnel bag that is right for you.


I like to carry a lot of supplies with me whenever I venture out on my sled. I have seen a lot go wrong to know that I need to carry emergency supplies to successfully spend a night in the backcountry. I like to bring a headlamp, an emergency one-use blanket that comes packed down, a wet fire-starter, plenty of high protein food, and water just for starters. 

I also like to bring backup gear, in case of malfunctions, like an extra shovel. This is why I like to have a larger sized bag. Twenty-five liters is about as big as I like to go because anything bigger and my gas can can’t fit on my tunnel as well. Bonus points if the bag can cinch down to become smaller when you are not carrying as much. 


Snowmobiling is tough on gear, so you want materials that are tough as well. When temperatures drop to well below freezing, you are going to want a high-quality zipper that does not jam at first sight of moisture.

The more you spend typically means the higher the quality of materials. If you are using your sled for some simple trail riding, then you don’t have to worry as much about the quality of materials. However, if you like the steep and deep, then you probably want to spend the extra cash to get something you can rely on.


On particularly snowy days, I like to keep my extra gloves and base layer in my tunnel bag. Sometimes I even bring a third pair of gloves if the snow is really wet. If you have a high-intensity riding style, your tunnel bag must be waterproof as it will be exposed to constant snow.

I like completely waterproof and not just water-resistant to ensure that my stuff will not be soaked when I get done. 

Compartments for Organization

I like to stay organized in my snowmobile backpack and tunnel bag. It is very convenient to have a separate outer pocket for an extra shovel on the tunnel bag. When the snow is blowing and visibility is low, it is nice to have designated compartments for all your items.

Once, I had been riding on a groomed trail close to dusk. A snowstorm came in and completely disoriented me from the trail. I was happy to have my things organized and quickly found my map, my headlamp, and my extra pair of gloves. 


Your snowmobile tunnel bag should come with padding on all sides. This is to protect both your belongings and yourself in the event of a crash. If you are using your bag to carry tools, it is especially important to have a bag with padding. I like bags that have at least a half an inch of padding.  

My Choice for the Best Snowmobile Tunnel Bag

While no tunnel bag fits everyone’s needs, the BCA MntPro is my top pick for the best snowmobile tunnel bag. It is perfect if you are a more advanced rider, but also cinches down for more leisurely days.  

It protects all your safety gear with extreme waterproofing and provides convenient storage for optimum organization. The bag is made with durable materials and has an aerodynamic design to keep your tunnel from overheating. 

However, if you want to go mid-range for your budget, then perhaps the Giant Loop Revelstoke Tunnel Bag is right for you. The dry bag rolling technology is nice for cinching down the extra space after lunch and still keeps your belongings very dry.

If you are really on a budget, I suggest the American Trails Tunnel Bag. For the price, it is pretty hard to beat with its durable materials. I just wouldn’t use it for big trips where a ton of moisture is expected. Be safe out there!

Top Rated Snowmobile Tunnel Bags

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