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Best Surf Bikini in 2024 (REVIEW GUIDE)

How do you picture yourself in a surf bikini?

Everyone fancies themselves as looking great in the warm ocean water. It is no less than the ultimate freedom under the hot sun with each dream surf session.

QUICK TIP: If you find the best surf bikini, then ​get 3 ​pieces. That way you will always have something cool in your wardrobe and you’ll make the other girls go green with envy three times over.

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​Reviews of the Best Surf Bikinis

​​​​1. ​Zeraca Halter Racerback Bikini

Zeraca Halter Racerback Bikini

The ​​Zeraca Halter Racerback Bikini features a cinched type detail at the bust. That gives you a striking look. Note that this piece of swimwear is fully lined from top to bottom.

Customers reported that the racerback, as well as the removable padding, provide good support. Others praised the quality of the fabric.


  • Pullover style plus pushup enhancement padding
  • Keeps everything in place – great for hiking, beach activities, and others
  • Great fabric (100% polyester lining, main fabric is 14% elastane and 86% polyester)


  • Pay attention to the manufacturer’s sizing guide – some sizes may fit a little loose.
  • You may have to get a size down to get one to fit

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​​​​2. Volcom Simply Solid V Neck Bikini Top

Volcom Simply Solid V Neck Bikini Top

Th​e Volcom Simply Solid V Neck Bikini Top comes with removable insert pads. It also has a lot of notable features like pull on closure, multiple strap knotting, and pullover V neck. ​

Made of Italian fabric with 22% Elastane and 78% nylon.

Customers report that the sizes for this surf bra run small. So if you are an A cup or maybe smaller, then you will have no problems.

If you have a C Cup, don’t go for medium. Go up one size.


  • Multiple strap knotting
  • Removable bra cups
  • Medium coverage


  • It runs small so make sure to order one size up
  • Not exactly designed for hardcore surf sessions – best suited for swimming

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​​​​3. Ekouaer Forest Leaves High Neck Halter Bikini

Ekouaer Forest Leaves High Neck Halter Bikini

This bikini slash swimsuit is best suited for women with larger cup sizes.

The material ​of the ​Ekouaer Forest Leaves High Neck Halter Bikini is a mix of polyester and spandex.

This two-piece bikini has tropical leaves printed all over it, which is really eye-catching. It also features a high neck design.

Customers that are C to DDD cup sizes report that this Ekouaer bikini fits them quite well. They provide complete coverage and they have remained comfortable.


  • Adjustable neck clasp closure
  • Made from spandex and polyester fabric
  • Great fit for medium to large size cleavage


  • Good for swimming but it can strain your neck when you go surfing
  • The bottoms may be a little tight

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​​​​4. Cupshe Fresh ​Flower Tank Padding Bikini

Cupshe Fresh  Flower Tank Padding Bikini

If you have an A Cup (i.e. smaller cup sizes) then this ​​Cupshe Fresh Flower Tank Padding Bikini might do wonders for you.

It provides good coverage and the padding that comes with it is flexible and strong – it gives you those nice curves.

The bottom​ also gives ample coverage, though some small and medium-size customers report that theirs were a bit loose. That means it could be a good fit for pear-shaped figures.

There are customers who have C Cups (something around that bust size) and say that the large size fits them well. You may want to go for that option.


  • Nice cute design
  • Color and design may be a good option for women with a nice tan or those who have a darker skin tone
  • Provides ample coverage and support


  • May not be a good fit for women who have large cup sizes (D and bigger)
  • The bottoms may get a bit saggy when wet

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​​​​5. Cupshe Fresh Leaves Cross Padding Bikini

Cupshe Fresh Leaves Cross Padding Bikini

The print is very cute which can make you stand out on the beach. It is light-colored, which means it may be a pretty good option for women who have a nice tan or for those who have a darker skin tone.

Th​e ​​​​Cupshe Fresh Leaves Cross Padding Bikini has a tie back and across at the front, which holds all your assets in place. However, note that this Cupshe bikini is a better fit for women who have an athletic figure.

Some customers report that the tops don’t really provide enough support for women with larger cleavage. However, if you have a somewhat flat chest, the padding that comes with the bikini top gives you noticeably nice curves.


  • Even though it is a light colored/white surf bikini, the material is not see through when wet
  • The fabric is really comfortable and it sticks to your skin when wet
  • Comes with a waterproof bag


  • Not for women who have a B cup or higher – the way the tops are designed, they don’t provide sufficient support for women with​ bigger ​cup sizes
  • The bottom part runs rather small

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Surfing Bikinis Buyer’s Guide

​Sometimes our expectations do not match reality. A lot of times the bottoms always find their way below the butt cheeks especially when you duck and dive.

Have you ever experienced that annoying thing about one breast popping out? It’s always that one and not the other, right? Worse, you’ve seen it happen to someone else where she comes up out of the water topless!

But that’s not all. Here’s another thing – sometimes your neck aches while surfing in a bikini. Now, why is that?

We’ll go over all of that and other details in this bikini buyer’s guide. We’ll provide you with tips, tricks, and shopping options so you’ll know exactly which ​bikini is right for you. ​​

There are a few factors that you need to consider when you’re in the market for one. You need to consider your body shape, cup size, and your skin tone.

​Smaller Cup Size

If you have a smaller cup size then you can try a molded bra. This will add to your chest’s overall shape and give your cleavage a boost.

A lot of these bras will have plenty of fun designs that draw the men’s eyes rather upward.

You can also add some really luscious curves by getting a tri-bra. Just remember to stay away from halter tops that are plain.

​B and C Cup Size Buying Tips​

If you have a B Cup then go for a halter neck. However, if you have a C Cup or your cup size is heading anywhere in that direction, then remember to steer clear of booster-style surf bikinis.

If you want to avoid those nasty strap marks and you want to take it easy during your holiday, then get a classic bandeau.

​D+ Cup Size Surf Bikinis

For D Cup and larger, then you may want to try some ​bikinis that have molding and underwiring. Make sure you’re getting a bikini that is specifically fit for your cup size.

If you’re looking for more coverage and extra support then check out the different high neck style bikinis.

If you’re within the DD sizes then maybe a bandeau can offer you a lot of support. It would also be best to get ones that have multiple straps.

​Women with Lighter Skin Tone

Women with a lighter skin tone should get ​bikinis that have a darker shade. Get ones that are French Blue or maybe Olive color. Darker colors give you a bit of a more sophisticated look.

They’re also a lot less harsh than the good old black colored bikinis. They also tend to look more sophisticated.

​Tanned and Darker Toned Skin ​

If you’ve got a good tan or you have a darker skin tone then you may want to get a ​bikini that is colored white, neon, or in any of the lighter colors. 

If you have light brown hair or darker blonde hair, maybe golden, red, or orange shades will work great for you.

​Taller Women and Women with Shorter Legs​

If you have short legs then get higher leg pants or bikinis that have panels or straps. However, if you’re taller than average then get bikinis that have cutouts and those that have high neck styles.

​Pear Shaped Figure​

The key to looking good in a bikini if you have a pear-shaped body is to balance your proportions.

Make sure that the eyes are drawn upwards. Get bikinis that have eye-catching print and a plunging neckline will minimize attention to your bottom.

​Athletic Women

Surf bikinis have a tendency to flatten out an athletic woman’s figure. To remedy that, get a​ bikini that has splicing, straps, and ties to create interesting curves.

To add more curvature on the bust, you can use molding on the top half or an alternative would be to use a triangle bra to bring out the curves on the bust.

​Surf Bikini Shopping Dos and Don’ts​

Here are a few rules of thumb that may come in handy. Remember that not all surf bikinis are created alike. Some are best suited for actual surfing and time in the water.

On the other hand, there are bikinis that are just for show and tell.

Here are a few dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind. Let’s start with the dos.

​The Dos

When you’re going surfing make sure to go for a racer back or cross back – they do a very good job at keeping your assets close to your torso. They keep everything in place.

If you’re a woman who has big breasts, then favor the crop top style surf bikinis especially when you go swimming or surfing – crop tops prevent over spill at the top and they give you the best coverage possible. Let’s say that they allow you to concentrate on your board position rather than how and where to position your cleavage.

Get a bikini that has thicker shoulder straps – this is especially useful for women who have bigger breasts. Thinner straps will dig into your shoulders. Thin straps roll off easily especially when you take a tumble in the water.

Get a bikini bottom that has a drawstring and a wide hip band – a wider hip band prevents your bottoms from rolling down. Drawstrings also help you tighten the bottoms.

Go for tighter bikini bottoms – bikini bottoms tend to stretch. A tighter one will eventually mold onto you eventually.

Choose stick fabrics – certain fabrics tend to cling on to your body especially when they get wet. That’s what you want especially when you’re on the surf a lot.

No clasps; get ones that tie around the ribs – don’t settle for a clasp, they tend to get unhinged when you go surfing. Tie backs are your best friend especially when you’re active in the water.

​The Don’ts

Don’t surf with bikinis that have metal details on them – not only are they uncomfortable, they can also damage your board.

Don’t put fashion sense above all else – if you plan on starting to surf, then function should outweigh style.

Don’t let side ties tempt you – sure they look cute, but when a big wave hits they get untied pretty quickly.

Don’t go surfing with a triangle bikini on – those things stay on the sand or in the shallows. They peel off against powerful waves and water.

Never dare put on a strapless bikini – unless you’re okay with getting to shore naked.

Never go surfing with underwire – sure they have their uses but the moment you go paddling the wire will start to nudge at your ribs.

Don’t go surfing with a halter neck – again, they’re great for show and tell but they will pull on your neck and shoulders, which can cause your pain and headaches.

My Choice for the Best ​Surf Bikini

My pick for the best surf bikini in this product roundup is the ​​Cupshe Fresh Leaves Cross Padding Bikini.

It provides good coverage and support, and even comes with a waterproof bag, which is a nice extra.

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