Best Beginner Snowboard in 2020

Snowboarding is one of the most enjoyable winter sports. With the ​right snowboard, you will be able to fully enjoy your snowboarding holiday, even if it only lasts for several days.

Although you can simply rent a snowboard every holiday, there is something comforting and fulfilling in having your own snowboard. The best snowboards are those best suited for your own style.

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​Reviews of the Top ​​Snowboards

​Best for Kids: Flow Micron Mini Snowboard Review

Flow Micron Mini Snowboard

The ​​​​ Flow Micron Mini Snowboard for kids is a freestyle and all-mountain snowboard, which is quite useful for spending winter holidays in the mountains, as well as bonding with your child at a snowboard park.

It features an EZ-Rock profile and a Tru-Flex core, which are great for beginners who are still learning.

It has a soft-flex rating, which is very helpful in making sure the rider is kept afloat over powder.

The EZ-DT Sidecut has binding areas that have a more aggressive grip making it a more forgiving snowboard, which is best for beginners.

​What We Liked:

  • The graphics found on this snowboard are awesome. It has cute furry animals on it and this might help influence kids to use their snowboard rather than to just let it rot in storage
  • The EZ-Rock profile makes it a great snowboard for kids, especially those who are just beginners, to more advanced riders. The profile makes the board more stable and more forgiving so that the kids can just enjoy the sport
  • check
    The Tru-Twin shape makes it possible to ride the snowboard in either direction, which can be very helpful when your child wants to do a fakie
  • check
    The size and weight of this snowboard is great if the kid who is going to use it is short or those who are younger
  • check
    It comes in different sizes which helps you to choose the right size depending on your child’s height or weight

What We Didn't Like:

  • No negative aspects to record
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​​​​​Best for Beginners: Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard Review

​​Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard

If a new snowboard is in your future, you should consider the ​ Burton Custom Flying V

The design of this revolutionary recreational board is ideal for freestylers, whether expert or beginner.

The ​Custom Flying V ​for men is a very playful snowboard most fitted for beginners who have an all-mountain riding style.

In great snow conditions, it performs very well from staying afloat on powder to boosting a jump on bumpy mountain terrain.

But when used on icy terrain or when speeds are high, it falters and becomes more unstable.

It is a great snowboard for beginners who are playful with their rides, but are still more comfortable in maintaining a slower speed.

​What We Liked:

  • The snowboard is made of various rocker and camber curves but it is mostly a V-shaped rocker​ - this playful combination of the camber and rocker, plus the directional shape makes it easier to keep you afloat on powder and glide smoothly to perform better
  • It is a very playful snowboard that enables you to do various ​maneuvers while riding
  • check
    It has a decent amount of pop for a rocker snowboard, which helps to provide boost for your jumps

What We Didn't Like:

  • It performs its best when used at slower speeds and on a speedy ride
  • ​It can feel unbalanced but this is still a great board especially for beginners
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Best for Freestyle: ​​​​​DC Pbj Snowboard Review

​​DC Pbj Snowboard

There are numerous snowboards on the market to consider if you are planning on advancing your recreational activities.

If you want to set aside the ordinary and experience a new wild ride, then read further to find out more about the ​​ DC Pbj Snowboard.

​This board stands true to its name. The Pbj in the name means “park board for jibbing, which makes it a great choice for those who enjoy riding in the park on rails, boxes and other surfaces, aside from snow.

It is meant for riders who prefer to have a freestyle riding style. The camber profile is flat to rocker, which works better in the snow park rather than off-piste sites.

​What We Liked:

  • The snowboard has a soft flexibility that helps greatly with jibbing. It is made for the park and performs its best when used in it—although it can also handle some mountain terrain
  • Aside from jibbing, jumping and ollies are also possible with it because it has some stiffness, which adds pop while you jump
  • check
    It is a forgiving snowboard, which helps even beginners successfully continue their ride even on rough landings
  • check
    Carving and turning is easy to do, although carves can also get washed out if you are not careful about your leaning

What We Didn't Like:

  • This snowboard is not an all-mountain snowboard
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​​​​​Best for Experts: Rossignol ​EXP Magtek Snowboard Review

​​​Rossignol  EXP Magtek Snowboard

​The ​​ Rossignol EXP Magtek Snowboard is well loved by those who go for speed out in the backcountry and those who prefer to ride on their own and away from other people who might get in the way of their carving.

The magnetraction technology helps with carving and provides stability to the snowboard.

 Whether you are riding on either powder or an icier snow, you will feel that the grip is just right.

It is meant for more advanced riders who enjoy a freeriding style.

​What We Liked:

  • The magnetraction technology incorporated in this snowboard allows it to do well on both hard snow and powder as well. It also helps with carving from edge to edge
  • It can be used to reach fast speeds and this is great for those who simply enjoy the rush or those who have more experience in riding
  • check
    The camber in the profile and the edge is capable of providing enough grip even on icy snow. This makes the snowboard a stable one
  • check
    The combination of a stiffer nose and softer tail gives pop for your ollie. This also helps more experienced riders do certain tricks more easily, such as wheelies

What We Didn't Like:

  • Snowboard is made for more advanced riders to experts. It can be very difficult for beginners to learn from it, but it is still possible
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​​​​​Best ​for All-mountain: Never Summer ​Snowtrooper Snowboard Review

​​Never Summer  Snowtrooper Snowboard

The ​​​​ Never Summer Snowtrooper Snowboard is made for intermediate to expert riders. 

It is of an aggressive all-mountain and freestyle style, which is great for those who love to switch between riding in snow parks and riding in all-mountain terrain.

The hybrid rocker profile is very useful in getting you to high speeds, as well as delivering pop when jumping or doing other tricks.

It may not be the best on powder but it does well in other bumpy and unpredictable terrains like the back country.

​What We Liked:

  • The rocker profile on this snowboard also has enhanced camber areas which help provide an edge hold. This also gives the much-needed pop when doing jumping tricks
  • Skidded turns and carving can both be done with this snowboard. It is capable of holding an edge, but is not overly grippy
  • check
    This is capable of taking the rider to higher speeds, but without the fear of something going wrong. It is stable when it is fast but can rock a bit because of the lifted tail design
  • check
    Its capability to absorb vibrations and shock makes it a great snowboard to use even with uneven terrain

What We Didn't Like:

  • Jibbing and other tricks done in a snow park can be done, but the landing c​ould be better if the tail wasn’t that soft.
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How to ​Choose a Snowboard

With your own snowboard, you won’t have to rely on what snowboards are available to be rented, or if there are any ​boards that are well suited for you and your style.

You also get to know your board better and practice with it so that you won’t have to adjust so much while riding, which beginners will certainly love.

Before you search for a snowboard to purchase, the first thing you need to do is to assess yourself. Are you still a beginner who is still learning the basics and getting to know snowboarding, or are you already well experienced or even an expert at this sport?

Aside from your knowledge and skills about the sport, you also need to know what riding style you prefer.

Do you love showing off your skills by doing various tricks at the snow park? Maybe you are the type who just wants to enjoy an established mountain course or explore areas with fewer people. It is also possible that you like both the mountains and snow parks.

Answering these questions can take you a step closer to finding the best one for you. It can let you know what to look for in a snowboard so that you can do what you love.

Below are some of the things that you should consider before you purchase one for yourself.

Type of snowboards

The type of riding you mostly do and enjoy will help determine the type of snowboard you should look for. Although some may be specifically made for one type, there are also other “hybrids” that enable you to enjoy various riding styles with just one board.

All mountain boards are versatile and can do well with various kinds of terrain. They may have playfulness in them, but they can still be controlled, especially when floating over powder, during spin offs and jumps.

The freestyle board, on the other hand, is meant for those who love doing various tricks. Most of the tricks are performed in a snow park.

Flex and shape

The flex and shape of the snowboard also affects its performance. The snowboards that are stiffer can produce a more powerful pop that works well with jumps.

Stiffer boards are great at high speeds because you can still control them and they are less likely to chatter. They are less forgiving, which is why they are mostly chosen by more advance riders who already have experience in snowboarding.

Softer boards, on the other hand, are more forgiving and are easier to handle when it comes to doing various tricks. They are great for slower speeds, but they tend to chatter at faster speeds. These are best for beginners who tend to ride at a slower speed than more experienced riders.

The preferred stance on the snowboard is affected by the flex and the shape of the board.

Most of the all-mountain boards can be set back and they are shaped as to having a more tapered nose than a tail to help keep afloat when coming out of carves.

Twin-shaped boards, on the other hand, have a centered stance which you can ride in either direction. Some twin boards have symmetrical shape and flex patterns while there are also some with symmetrical shape but directional flex patterns.


Snowboards in the past were all made with a traditional camber profile but as the snowboarding sport progressed, other profiles such as rocker, hybrid and flat were used.

Snowboards of the camber profile are very stable and they give the most pop, but they can also be more challenging to float on powder.

Rocker snowboards have lifted edges that make them easier to float on powder.

Hybrid models combine rocker can camber areas in one board for combined benefits.

The flat boards are more stable than the rocker and hybrid boards, but they have a tendency to snag.

Construction and materials

The construction and materials used for the snowboard play a great role in the price of the boards. Different technologies can also be used to aid in producing lighter, shock absorbing, faster, more responsive and more durable snowboards. Although construction and materials are important, they are not the only factor to consider when choosing a snowboard. The overall design of the snowboard should also be noted.

Snowboard size

The size of the snowboard will be based on the rider’s weight, but not at all times. Some freestyle riders can choose a shorter snowboard so that they can perform their tricks better, while those who love powder can get a bigger board for improved stability.

Snowboarding gear

Aside from purchasing a snowboard, you should also consider purchasing your gear for snowboarding.

One of the important things you should purchase with your board are the bindings. These are come in various types but their main purpose is to make sure that your boots are fastened to the board.

For safety purposes, you shouldn’t snowboard without a helmet. You can expect falls and bumps along the way of your snowboarding, which is why it is best to protect yourself.

There are also wrist splints that protect your hands and wrist whenever you fall, and goggles to protect your eyes from glare, snow, wind and other materials while riding.

Other useful gear you may need are ​winter clothes​, a bag for your board​ and some wax for maintenance. You should make sure you are comfortable with the clothes you wear and that they still enable you to move freely, so that you can control your board.

Our Choice for the Best ​Snowboards

From this review, we have seen ​some of the snowboards and what they have to offer. Before you can choose a ​board to buy, you must remember to assess yourself and know your snowboarding goals. This helps you determine which is more suited for you and which one you can use for a very long time.

If you intend to purchase a snowboard for your child, then the ​ Flow Micron Mini may just be the thing you need. The EZ Rock profile greatly helps in easy riding and in learning the basics of snowboarding. It is forgiving, which helps younger riders to still be able to ride successfully, even if they commit some extra movements or mistakes.

For adult beginners, the ​ Burton Custom Flying V and the ​ DC Pbj Snowboard are great choices. The final choice will depend on where you want to ride. For those who love tricks and spend a lot of time in the park practicing their jib, the DC Pbj would be the more appropriate. On the other hand, for those who prefer to ride in the mountains specifically powder, the ​Custom Flying V would be a better fit.

For advanced to expert riders, the ​​​ Rossignol EXP Magtek Snowboard would be the best choice if you love freeriding the backcountry. The ​ Never Summer Snowtrooper Snowboard, on the other hand, may be the best for those who intend to do mostly freestyle and aggressive all-mountain riding.

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