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Best Wakeboard for Big Guys in 2019 (REVIEW GUIDE)

Wakeboarding is an incredibly fun activity but if you are a big guy, it can be difficult to find a board that is suitable for your weight. The best wakeboard for big guys will have the capacity to hold that weight while still giving you a good level of performance. What is the best wakeboard […]

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Best Hyperlite Wakeboard in 2019 (REVIEW GUIDE)

Wakeboarding is one of the most enjoyable activities you can do on the water. Hyperlite has long produced excellent wakeboards, but with plenty of models out there, it can be hard to find the one most suited to your needs. What is the best Hyperlite wakeboard? For a highly versatile and excellent wakeboard, my pick […]

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Best Hydroslide Kneeboard in 2019 (REVIEW GUIDE)

Kneeboarding can be an immense amount of fun. Hydroslide is a top producer of these boards, offering several different models, which makes it hard to choose the best one for you. They are all high quality but all come with subtle differences. What is the best Hydroslide kneeboard? In terms of you having an all-around […]

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Best Kneeboard for Beginners in 2019 (REVIEW GUIDE)

Kneeboarding is an exhilarating experience. If you’re just starting out, then getting the best kneeboard for beginners is essential to enjoy your time out on the water. There are a few key features that make a great beginner board and some kneeboards are a lot better than others. So what is the best kneeboard for […]

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Best Wakesurf Shaper in 2019

Getting the best wakesurf shaper is the perfect way to be able to give yourself the most memorable surf ever. It will allow you to ride an incredible surf without having to worry about lugging too many weights around your boat, or you can have a combination of both to get an epic wave. What […]

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