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Best Wakesurf Shaper in 2020 (REVIEW GUIDE)

Getting the best wakesurf shaper is the perfect way to be able to give yourself the most memorable surf ever. It will allow you to ride an incredible surf without having to worry about lugging too many weights around your boat, or you can have a combination of both to get an epic wave. What […]

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Best Wakesurf Board for Big Guys in 2020 (REVIEW GUIDE)

What is the best wakesurf board for big guys? In terms of you having an all-around performance, then the Hyperlite Landlock wakesurf board is going to be a great option for you. It has the performance that you need but also the support too. If you’re of a certain size then getting the right equipment […]

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Best Water Shoes For Rocky Beaches in 2020 (REVIEW GUIDE)

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as walking along the beach, but not all beaches are meant for barefoot walking.Remember how painful it is to stub your toe? Imagine just how even more painful it is doing that against a sharp rock. The pain can really ruin a day that should have been spent soaking in […]

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Best Surf Bikini in 2020 (REVIEW GUIDE)

How do you picture yourself in a surf bikini? Everyone fancies themselves as looking great in the warm ocean water. It is no less than the ultimate freedom under the hot sun with each dream surf session. QUICK TIP: If you find the best surf bikini, then ​get 3 ​pieces. That way you will always […]

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Best Sunscreen For Surfing in 2020 (REVIEW GUIDE)

What is the best sunscreen for surfing? My favorite one is the Sun Bum Signature Lotion. ​ You put sunscreen on your skin so that you will be protected from the sun’s harmful rays. It’s your body’s largest organ and you ought to know what you’re putting on it. Not knowing what you apply your […]

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