Best Wakesurf Board for Kids

Best Wakesurf Board for Kids in 2024 (REVIEW GUIDE)

When it comes to learning anything new, kids can quickly shy away from an activity if it’s too difficult. If you try them on an advanced wakesurf board then they can quickly lose heart. Getting a wakesurf board that is suitable for kids is vitally important.

What is the best wakesurf board for kids? The Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurfer board is an excellent option. It’s great for beginners and kids as it gives a very easy ride and comes with all the features that are going to make wakesurfing as simple as possible.

It’s a great board for teens but here we also look at some great boards for even younger kids, as well as those late teens. There are many great options and once you’ve finished reading, you’ll know exactly what you should get.

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Reviews of the Best Wakesurf Boards for Kids

1. Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurf Board

Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurf Board

Hyperlite is well-known for creating great wakesurf boards and this Landlock is one of their best. It is a perfect board for all ages and great for kids starting out. It offers a lot of buoyancy without being too big for them to handle.

The turns are very easy and the fins help to keep it straight. It’s also a board they can grow with as the fins can be removed when they get more confident. The stability is impressive and it’s also a board which will last for a long time.


  • High build quality
  • Durable materials
  • Three fins for great tracking
  • Great stability


  • Not for very young kids
  • Lower cutting speeds
  • Could be too slow for some

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2. CWB Connelly Ride Wakesurfer

CWB Connelly Ride Wakesurfer

CWB has also made a board which has phenomenal all-around capabilities. Adults will be able to enjoy this as well as kids. It’s perfect for all the family and the high stability it has will help to keep everyone up and out of the water.

It’s also very comfortable underfoot with the soft EVA pad it has. The three tails fins offer you a good amount of versatility and it will be able to stand the test of time. It’s a nicely designed board and one that your kids are going to love.


  • Great for a range of skill levels
  • High durability
  • Three tail fins
  • Nice design


  • One size fits all
  • Not for young kids
  • Thin design

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3. ZUP YouGo Board and Handle Combo

ZUP YouGo Board and Handle Combo

If you have younger children who want to get into wakesurfing then it’s a great idea to get this board. It’s much smaller in size and can also be used for other water sports too. That might be a negative to some who are hoping for a wakesurf-specific board.

This kneeboard style board is very easy to use and offers a superior level of grip. The durability is brilliant and there is a lot of fun to be had. It is still buoyant to be used by adults but the smaller size doesn’t make it ideal. If you have a young child who wants to try wakesurfing, this is the board to get.


  • All-in-one board
  • Easy to use
  • High level of grip
  • Great durability


  • Not wakesurf-specific
  • Small size

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4. South Bay Board Co. Hybrid Surfboard

South Bay Board Co. Hybrid Surfboard

The design of this South Bay Board might not be directed towards children but it’s a great beginners board which they will have endless amounts of fun on. It’s great over different types of conditions and offers very good stability.

The swallow tail design gives it a bit of extra performance that more confident kid will enjoy. The board has a great level of quality and is highly durable. It could possibly do with an extra fin but most kids are going to love having this board.


  • 5 foot long
  • Impressive stability
  • Soft swallowtail
  • Great durability


  • Unimaginative design
  • Only two fins
  • Entry-level board

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5. CWB Ride WAKESURF Board


If you want a board that is great for kids but also has good performance then this is a great board. It’s versatile and will be able to be used by all the family. The grip is very good and you’re able to have a lot of control.

It’s great for all conditions and can equally cope with small riders as well as large adults. The three fins give you great traction and they are removable as your kids start to get better. It also looks great and will give you a smooth and easy ride on the water.


  • Easy traction
  • Makes predictable turns
  • Three large fins
  • 5’ 2” long


  • Soft turns
  • Rubber can come off the top
  • Not for experts

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How to Choose a Wakesurf Board for Kids – Buyer’s Guide

The right size for your child

You may think that one of the key things to think about when it comes to a kids board is size but it’s more complicated than that. The assumption might be that a child would have a smaller board but larger boards have more buoyancy and can offer more stability.

For that reason, the same size board can be great for both children and adults. Smaller boards can be harder to control with more agility. For these reasons, you don’t have to worry about a board over 5 foot being too big.

You need to consider the size with all the other features factored in as well. There are smaller children boards for younger children but if you have a child who is in their teens or even in their late pre-teens then a full-sized board won’t be a problem.

How many fins do you need?

They might only be a small part of a board but the fins play a very significant role on how the board acts when it’s on the water. They effectively work as rudders and will be able to keep the wakeboard in a straight line which is great for beginners and kids.

If the board starts to slide to one side then the pressure against the fins will push it back into line. Therefore, for wakesurfing novices, it’s a good idea to have three fins on the board or two large ones as this will give stability.

Getting a versatile board

As mentioned there, the fins play an important role in how the board performs but they can also help to make a board extremely versatile. Most boards will have removable fins which will change the way it performs.

For this reason, the same board can be ideal for a kid who is just learning how to wakesurf and an adult who is comfortable on a board. With different types of set-up underneath the board, it can meet the needs of all the family without you having to buy multiple boards.

It also means that your child will be able to grow and improve with the same board. You don’t have to worry about investing in a kids board only to have to buy another one in a few years when they have grown and improved.

The importance of durability

As with any product, you want to make sure you’re getting a board which is going to be able to last for a good number of years. All the boards that we have looked at here have an impressive level of quality and will be able to survive even the most enthusiastic of kids.

The only area where they can fall is in the EVA traction pad. This can start to come away over time and you want to make a sure you’re getting a high-quality model. Buying from a reputable brand is a great way to be able to have confidence in the board that you will get.

Rocker, tail, and rail

The rocker (the shape of the underside of the board), the tail (the shape of the back of the board) and the rail (the shape of the edge of the board) can all play a big part of the performance. Thin tails can make boards more nimble but all the ones we have looked at here a very friendly for young users.

The same can be said with the rail. On high-performance boards, this can often be quite thin but on these boards, it is wide and smooth to ensure smooth cuts through the water. These allow for slower and more comfortable turns.

A flat rocker will make the board skim and skip over the water and you don’t want that for beginners as it’s harder to handle. Having a curved or a 3-stage rocker will make your life easier and help to keep the board in a nice straight line.

My Choice for the Best Wakesurf Board for Kids

My top pick for the best wakesurf board for kids is the Hyperlite Landlock. Its performance is fantastic and will give young riders enough stability and traction to be able to stay on their feet while wakesurfing.

It’s an excellent board but as we have seen, there are a few other great options too. It’s critical to know what is important to you and what will best meet your child’s needs. Once you know that, they’ll be able to get out on the water and have an immense amount of fun.

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