Best Snowboard Boot Insoles

Best Snowboard Boot Insoles in 2024 (REVIEW GUIDE)

What are the best footbeds for snowboard boots? After trying out the different brands of insoles, I’ve found that the Shred Soles are the best snowboard boot insoles, as they are specifically designed for snowboarders. They provide the best mix of comfort, support, warmth, and competitive pricing out of all of the off-the-shelf snowboard boot insoles.

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Fitting snowboard boots is a pain. Sometimes you’ll find a boot that in theory fits you perfectly — but you can’t ride longer than 20 minutes because they’re just too uncomfortable. This is a common problem for people with high arches or low arches, and an insole or footbed might be the thing that will solve it.

It’s likely that if you have problems with arches, you’ll know before you start snowboarding. And if you need to wear special insoles for your everyday shoes, chances are you’ll want some for your snowboard boots.

However, some people only discover these problems when they start snowboarding for the first time. If you’re having foot pain, then maybe it’s time to consider altering your boot in some way. Keep reading to learn which type of insole is adequate for your foot type.

Reviews of the Best Snowboard Boot Insoles

1. Shred Soles Snowboard Boot Insoles

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The Shred Soles are the only footbed in this guide specifically designed for snowboarders. There’s a lot more attention to detail that appeals to snowboarders. Its arch support is excellent and can be easily modified to fit any arch type.

It also has antibacterial and antifungal material, which prevents the buildup of nasty odors and keeps feet healthy.

But, they’re also relatively narrow. People with very wide feet may find that they have issues with Shred Soles and might want to try out a different insole.


  • They are great for any arch type
  • They are very comfortable
  • They have odor-fighting technology that prevents boot smell


  • They can be too narrow for wide feet

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2. Superfeet REDhot Insoles


Best for high-arch feet, the Superfeet REDhot is a wintersports insole which focuses on warmth. They’re designed to keep your feet warm in cold weather. That’s great if you’re using thrift shop boots that don’t really hold heat anymore. They also provide great support for high arches.

However, some have complained about its tendency to create a heel lift in skiing, and this can be a nightmare when making toeside turns on a snowboard. There have also been reports that they wear down fairly quickly, and longer-lasting insoles might be more economical.


  • They are designed to keep feet warm
  • They are great for high arches


  • They are designed for general snowsports, rather than specifically for snowboarding
  • They can cause heel lift
  • They can wear down quickly

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3. Sidas Winter 3Feet Footbed

Sidas Winter 3Feet Footbed

The Sidas Winter 3Feet Footbed is a far more straightforward insole compared to the others. They’re designed specifically for mid arches, and theoretically, you could modify it to fit other arch types.

Despite the aluminum film, some have said they’re not as warm as other insoles. In fact, there’s not much that this insole does that the other two can’t do for the same price.


  • They provide adequate heel support


  • They lack the warmth retention that other insoles have
  • They don’t seem to have any features that other insoles don’t offer better

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How to Choose Snowboard Boots Footbeds – Buyer’s Guide

Rather than dropping hundreds of dollars on a hi-tech heat molding boot, you might be tempted to get an insole instead. Insoles give your foot more comfort and support, which reduces strain on the foot.

Less strain on the foot means that you’ll be comfortable riding longer and harder. Another advantage of insoles is that they can also be used in different boots. If you decide to get new boots, you don’t need to worry about having to get used to a new insole.

Foot Support

Different soles will give different types of support. Some insoles are for high arches, while others are better for flat feet. Before buying one, make sure you know what type of arch you have and research which shape will work better for you.

High arches mean that when you put pressure on your foot (usually to make toeside turns) your foot will lengthen — this puts strain on the ligaments in your arch. If your foot is not properly supported, this will cause pain in the arch. An insole designed for high arches will provide support to your foot and reduce this strain.

Flat feet, or low arches, will mean that your body weight is distributed equally across the whole foot instead of the toes and the balls of your feet. If you put pressure on these areas, it will cause strain, which leads to foot pain. An insole will distribute weight properly across the foot and make snowboarding easier.


While support is essential, it’s equally important that the insole helps your foot absorb shock from landing jumps or going over rough terrain. This will help reduce foot pain in low arches as well as being more comfortable in general.

You also want an insole that isn’t too cushioned. Otherwise, twisting the board with your feet will require more effort than usual.


There’s nothing worse than riding with numb feet! When you’re riding in marginal weather conditions, it’s important that an insole provides warmth. Certain materials are better at absorbing, insulating, and retaining heat than others – a cheaper insole will likely not be made of these materials. It’s also worth mentioning that your feet will get sweaty as the day goes on – and if the insole gets damp, it can become cold.

This is as much an issue with the boot lining as it is with the insole, but you should definitely think about how warm an insole will keep your feet.

My Choice for the Best Snowboard Boot Insoles

With all these things considered, the Shred Soles are the best snowboard boot insoles for comfort and foot support.

In general buying insoles is far more economical than trying to get a boot custom-fitted, and the Shred Soles are very cost-effective. They also are specialized for snowboarding in that they specifically avoid heel lift and are precisely designed to fit inside snowboard boots.

Their antibacterial materials help keep your foot healthy and boots smelling good. However, the warmth offered by the Superfeet REDhot insoles is also a very tempting prospect, and I would advise anyone looking for insoles to do their research thoroughly.

Top Rated Snowboard Boot Footbeds

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